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Collaborative Partners


We are excited to be expanding our work to include collaborative relationships with others who share a common passion and vision. As the consciousness of the planet continues to expand, we see with new eyes that all is created in the unseen physical realms before it is created in the physical. Just as we each do our part in this physical world, the various aspects of our soul consciousness also co-creates with other vast beings in other dimensional realms.

Amber Lynne Black "is the founder of Autisticfit Society, a 501.c3 nonprofit organization, small-business owner, AADP Board Certified Practitioner, GBO Pro Athlete and Figure Universe Champion, fitness and nutrition expert, healer, world culture lover — and lives with autism."

Amber is a supreme example for “autists” to hold their multi-dimensional awareness in the physical body and maintain their connection to the All That Is. She discovered that bodybuilding and nutritional balance helped her to hold the expanded frequencies of consciousness that she accesses.


Our collaborative partnership is to offer individuals exploring their true inner nature different perspectives and methodologies to enhance their expansion of consciousness. If you are a parent of a child diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or a person living with ASD, I encourage you to peruse Amber’s websites and offerings. Her blogs are mind bending and contain activations and energetic messages to bring forward the true essence of your being.


Visit her websites: for her blogs and her story. for personal coaching in fitness and nutrition. The nutritional aspect is not just for body building but to enable the body to hold the highest vibrations of consciousness that it can. This is Amber’s non-profit organization to provide parents, caregivers, and those living with ASD the education, counseling, and coaching to incorporate nutrition and physical activity so that persons with ASD can live the best physical expression of themselves while maintaining the highest consciousness of their Being.

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