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Sammie's Treasures #1- "Everything is Speaking"

A few months ago, I was out walking with Sammie. She suddenly stopped and looked so peaceful and serene standing and looking around. Vibrationally, I just asked, “Sammie where are you?” I felt the response come back “Everything is speaking”. I felt speechless in that moment. I could feel her awe and the wonder of creation; the trees, the birds, the grass, the trickling water and more. She was simultaneously experiencing the particles in the air, the sounds of the sky, the Milky Way’s sonic hum, the colors of the scents… the galaxies spread across the universe.

In that moment, I experienced with “real eyes”, realized the moment of this universe’s creation, “Let there be light…” The booming voice of the Alpha and Omega when time and space were one and are still ONE right here, right now. Everything created out of the Light from the Source of Love. I was one with that space. I felt the rush of Oneness and that God is still speaking because Everything is speaking!

You are a vibration of God Speaking!

The Source Field that created you is still vibrating and recreating you moment to moment. What appears as solid matter is vibrational fields of light humming, dancing, singing through you, collapsing to BE you, and glittering all around you. I know these are perhaps not new concepts but can you experience it with every fiber of your being? Can we as humanity live from this depth of sensing and create a different foundation for our collective reality?

When you start experiencing from this level, is matter really dead? Is an atom conscious? Does the tree feel your essence? Does the crystal hold intelligence? What is Intelligence?

Does science have to “prove” it first before you believe?

Can we change our experience by resolving our perception of ourselves within?

I leave these as questions because each of us is called to answer that for ourselves. The rational mind likes to have nice tidy answers but consider that if we only satisfy the mind, the truth still remains elusive to our whole being.

We offer these words as living light. We are grateful to all who read them.

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