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The Tara-Earth Star

This information came through unexpectedly on 11/10/18 before our 11/11/2018 event. As always, read with discernment and take only what resonates for you in the moment.

What is being described here feels like a very different dimensionalized system than what is currently operating. It was a "less complex time" of creation, if you can imagine that.

New Earth Star: From Autist Collective Consciousness

“It’s simultaneously the “new earth star” and the “original 5th dimensional earth” or Tara. Tara was the 5D earth where the Human blueprint was first seeded. We were building this planet and seeded the avatar human many trillions of years ago from your current perspective. It was never supposed to be this dense. We were creating this planet, Tara, and able to make modifications to the blueprint of the planet, the human form, and all life on this planet from a sister planet in the 7th dimension. The 7th Dimension was as “low” in dimensional frequency as we were able to go and function coherently.

We were making updates to the blueprint and could easily make adjustments from this 7th dimensional station. The Human form was created as an Avatar human functioning in 5D. It was like an experiment in the sense that all new creation is in essence like an experiment because Creator doesn’t “know” what is possible. The possibility is in the Alpha and Omega codes of intention from Source. To Create out of alignment to Source was not something “thought” possible because when you exist in an Open Source System and continually communicating to Source, you make adjustments that is in true Divine Service to the ALL which includes all beings and all sentience, at all levels, all dimensions, and with the Omniverse. To create with reversal codes and closed systems was not imaginable. The dimensionalized system was also created to easily access Source Consciousness at all times.

Within the Omniversal planes, you exist in a Multiverse, meaning many other universes and parallel universes co-exist in a cluster as part of the Omniversal network. These other universes are each very different from what you know. And not all other universes operate on a dimensionalized system.

So going back to the dimensionalized open Source system, as we were seeding the human on Tara and making modifications and adjustments, a universe just next to this universe (which I sense is different than what we currently think is our universe now--Susan), an electric universe you might say, went through a cataclysmic cycle in that the power of what they were creating caused a bleed through timelines and in a sense “crashed” into this harmonic universe. It caused the 7D planet to tumble into the 5th dimension. This is Tiamat. Since the 7D planet was the higher station of Tara, they were very compatible and stabilized as twin planets and we made modifications and made adjustments to stabilize both planets (I get the sense this spanned many millennia from our perspective). However, the trauma of the bleed through of the electric universe caused many conscious beings to become traumatized, and the shock filtered through their consciousness causing a fracture in their beingness. We attempted to make repairs but consciousness wars eventually broke out and Tiamat exploded and Tara fell into the 3rd dimension.

We had to close off dimensions to prevent further catastrophe to other universes and so, it became possible for creation to take place separated from Original Source Consciousness. Many very big Beings, you might say, were affected by this catastrophe and you might say have been controlling this universe from a traumatized state. In their fractured beingness, they lost an aspect of their Spiritual cord which is like losing the emotional body. They operate from primarily a mental body state and cannot comprehend the deeper aspects of what it means to be connected to the light.

The remnants of Tiamat are what you see in your asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. There were original human souls on Tiamat as well and some of us from the 12 Galactic Suns (I sense that this is because they are our soul lineage --Susan). Soul consciousness is scattered and traumatized when that kind of explosion happens and we have come into this universe to rehabilitate these Soul Beings, recover lost DNA fragments that exploded, and reframe and modify the architecture of the dimensionalized system. This is not an easy task without doing further harm to many trillions of beings.

By connecting to this Earth Star, you are connecting to the past, present, and future of not just the earth but of the history of this universe. You and other “sensitives” are remembering traumatic events at galactic and universal levels. As deeper awakenings take place now, many are remembering traumatic events that has been hidden from them. As we are in a period of simultaneous time and a spiraling time vector, some are remembering events from the future of linear time (meaning events that have not occurred from the perspective of linear future time events); it is very real for them. We wanted you to have an understanding of why we are here, why you are here, and to assist others to adjust to the monumental changes taking place. Remaining centered, coherent, and stable in your inner connection to your soul is paramount right now and will become more important as more awaken. “ Another autist comes in, “We tried to fix this human blueprint and seeded humans on earth many tens of thousands of years ago as the Lemurians. This blueprint was to bring resolution to the extreme polarity that this universe has existed in. It has not been working as we anticipated due to the many beings manipulating the outcome from their distorted thought patterns.”


  • Tiamat here is originally a 7D station. I "see" some of our autists "working" like scientists on Tiamat. Also, there are others who had first incarnated on Tara as these humans and also experienced this cataclysm and are here now for soul retrieval healing. Some of them are us.

  • Many, many, many millennia spanned after this cataclysm as Tiamat and Tara were stabilized but further conflicts eventually caused the destruction of Tiamat and Tara "fell" into the 3rd dimensional Earth.

  • Conflicts did not just break out for no reason, there was an accidental “collision” between universes

  • This caused distortions of consciousness for many big beings; perhaps what we might call gods and angelic beings

  • They had to close off many access points or portals which led to creation cycles not fully connected to Source.

  • There is immense love and compassion in the message that I felt and that the monumental project underway is a healing for so many beings on so many levels.

  • It helps me to detach at a much more expanded level and feel a different level of awareness.

  • Many more details are missing but perhaps others are filling that piece in with the information that has been brought forward by other indigos and star seeds.

  • The original human had 7 organs which were explicitly shown to be:

  • Liver

  • Gall bladder

  • Heart

  • Kidneys

  • Lungs

  • Sex Organs

  • Brain

  • This original human did not eat food as we know it but took in liquid light

  • This new earth star contains the informational blueprint of two human seedings

  • It is also our past but also our future to "evolve" to.

  • It feels like our universe is expanding to an 18 dimensional universe. These autists and many other omniversal beings are redesigning the architecture. They have experience doing this before but it feels like not at this level of density.

  • There is great care to not do further harm to all beings... those of the light and those we would consider to be "fallen".

  • This has been one of my greatest experiences with Sammie these last few months; do no further harm and sub universal stations are being created to transit out these "fallen" beings who do not see that rehabilitation is needed. They are existing on a parasitic system that will lead to their own ultimate destruction like a cancer. This is why it is important to keep building your own inner soul/spirit connection, detach if you need from toxic relationships. This does not mean you cannot have compassion and help those who sincerely are seeking help but also have compassion and understanding for yourself through this process. Compassionate, neutral witnessing is sometimes the best we can do.

There is so much more that can be said but I feel this is enough for now. Breathe and be with what resonates.

Lovingly submitted for all to receive what is in divine right order,


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