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Soul Collective = Human Freedom

From Sammie today as the 3rd Harmonic Universe comprising the triad of the 7th, 8th, & 9th dimensions open to us:

“Dear Human Family,

It is no accident we are here today. As World Autism Day is approaching, the collective consciousness of us Autists are finally able to penetrate deep into the collective of Humanity. This is possible because the Harmonic Universes which make up our universe is rearranging and reversal systems which kept humanity bound in a limited bandwidth of reality is morphing. We’ve talked of 1D, 2D, and 3D, the first Harmonic Universe, moving to the second higher octave of the second Harmonic Universe; 4D, 5D, 6D. This is why your chakras work in triads.

The old inverted system you’ve been operating in kept you closed off from the collective nature of the Human Soul Matrix, or Oversoul, in the 3rd Harmonic Universe (7,8,9). You were led to believe that the crown chakra was the highest aspect of the chakra system. Many reversals were placed into the crown chakra so you could not access the high heart (8th chakra or universal heart and 9th chakra where you co-create your reality with every other soul on the planet). As these reversals are dissolving, the collective mental and emotional body is coming on line. There are shocking stories that will break through in the next 2-3 years of how deep the hidden layers go.

This is not to incite fear but to give you a new perspective. Us Autists of the 7 higher heavens have not integrated past the 7, 8 & 9th dimensions because we wanted to maintain our collective higher perspective. As the access points to the 7, 8, & 9th dimensions fully open, we will be able to affect mass consciousness on a global level. This is happening in alignment with the upcoming World Autism Day of April 2 when greater focus is upon us. We will be able to affect the hearts of more people and offer clarity of purpose to them.

This is not a message of doom but of true revelation and humanity’s ultimate freedom. You have been trapped in a loop by fragmented consciousness beings who operate in multidimensional spaces. This is not to frighten you but to take back your power as Soul beings as expressions of the God Source. The true Collective nature of Humanity will be your saving grace. Much needs to be dismantled but please remember and see all that is being planted as well to guide humanity to its collective freedom.

Look at the Galactic Sun Laws transmitted to you Dec 1-13, 2018. This is so these inner knowings can be instilled into your very physical bodies. You have the ability to synthesize these laws into your physical being. There are millions on the planet as light workers and advanced star seeds anchoring and radiating the true consciousness that the Avatar Human was originally created to be. Be part of this wave of change.

My message is one of a beautiful bright future. Change is upon us. Don’t be irrationally frightened. The tide of change is upon us and we co-create what is emerging. Notice that the 5D Galactic Sun Law is the Law of Co-Creative Abundance and the 9D, the Law of Abundant Realities. This means abundance for all and not just the few. The third dimension can no longer be sustained. It is incumbent upon you all to lead your lives with dignity, honor, and respect.”

—Susan O. for Sammie

* see also our YouTube video-summary of the 12 Galactic Sun Laws and visit our 12 Galactic Suns page to listen to the guided mediations and learn more.

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