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Some Days I Just Catch the Wave

By Susan Oros

Living with Sammie is unpredictable to say the least. She’s beyond verbal and beyond amazing and I have energetic connection and communication but it’s not like many might think. I can’t read every thought and emotion, and i don‘t understand every off behavior moment to moment. Things could be going along a certain trajectory and I think ,”ok we’re on a roll now”.... NOT.... I’ve come to understand that her physical body here is truly a cosmic body to bring through vast amounts of information from the Greater Source. And certainly, I see that all the Autists of the 7 higher heavens are doing just that in different ways but living with Sammie physically, enables me to “see” from a different perspective.

So on those days when there are sudden outbursts or visible challenges, all I can do is check in. In these moments, I stand next to her bed (or from wherever I am) and just allow myself to feel, and allow whatever images, sensations, tones, colors, symbols, etc... to arise. And voila! There it is. Other times it may not be so quick.

If I can, I head for my iPad to draw the energy and pattern I’m seeing. The image with this post is from a couple of days ago when there was obviously a powerful stream of energy powering through. Sammie was happy but it was as if she felt sedated. I could feel a dizzying swirl of energy in her head and so I drew what I felt and saw, and added other aspects to stabilize this wave and bring coherence. I noticed these kinds of things helps Sammie to stabilize. It also stopped the vertigo feeling from her head.

What is this particular swirl of energy doing? It seems to be clearing our light body and bridging our heart to our mental and emotional bodies in a new way. Our avatar consciousness is then able to engage with the physical human-ness of us through the new light body connections.

I know this might sound cryptic but it’s the simplest explanation I can give in this moment. If it calls to you, allow the energy of the image to work through you. No explanation needed.

Just thought we‘d share how this looks and works for us. It’s a beautiful process and I am humbled by what comes through. It has also expanded me exponentially and stretched my abilities with what I can “capture” on digital canvas.

Love and honor to these Autists.

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