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Dissolution of the False Matrix

"Dear Human Soul Family,

It has been a long, long journey. Many of you reading this message today have been traversing this universal plane for thousands and thousands of years from this earthly vantage point of time. It's hard to imagine that the third dimensional system you have known is over. The world images and technology vibrate to you that there is much to fear.

If you joined us for our webinar on June 21, 2019 or watched the YouTube replay, then you recall that we talked about the False Matrix that the earth has been held within. The image above is a representation of that caged system. The image represents the energetic consciousness that is streaming from the 7 higher heavens to dissolve that false matrix. So many of us Autists and those of you who's souls vibrate from those realms have been working hard to enable this to stream through.

The world as you've known it is over. Breathe a sigh of relief and feel what that means in your heart and soul. Most on the planet are still asleep, however, and the controllers would like you to believe that this is all a hoax and magical crazy thinking of the mind. Take heart and breathe again for there is still work to be done.

The work ahead is to rebuild foundations and systems as the old paradigms and false matrix structures and intentions imbedded into those systems dissolve; crumble they must in order to build new foundations based on a balanced triwave system.

This can be fear inducing but we encourage you to continue to come back to a state of balanced and compassionate neutrality which emanates from your soul. Fear can be real in this world. The consciousness energy of fear, however, is truly based on discernment. Discerning what can damage the integrity of your overall being. An obvious example of this is that you teach children not to stand in front of a bus. This is understanding a physical law of structure in this world. Your overall being is not just your physical body, however, but your entire field that you radiate as a 12 dimensional avatar human who operates on a 15 chakra system; again, tune into our video replay of the June 21, 2019 webinar.

This discernment as a soul being will alert a person when he is in true danger; i.e., that there is physical danger near by. There are more subtle ways, however, that your overall being can be damaged. The various types of abuses that occur to children and the vulnerable around the world damages ones being as a unified field (Law of Unified Fields, 10th chakra) and sacred nature (Law of Sacred Nature, 11th chakra).

Those who attempt to maintain control of the planet for various reasons put effort into confusing the masses as to what is acceptable and what will damage the human at many different dimensional levels. This is not to scare but to encourage you to continue to use your power of discernment and to encourage you to continue to build that power as a soul being.

Humanity has so much assistance. This message is to share with you that yet another step has been taken to guide you towards an amazing and truly spectacular future but you must stay awake and continue on this collective soul endeavor."

~This message is a joined consciousness transmission, so as always, take only that which resonates for you!

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