The Golden Mean Spiral Returns

I can't imagine the sequence of events and activations becoming more fantastic than it already has been. This year has been a serious of magnificent surprises and beyond intense activations and downloads for lack of a better term. This past week in "preparation" for the 11:11, Sammie has been emanating this series of golden "transducing" emanations, for lack of a better term, from the Golden Sun beyond our universe. It's difficult to even put into words what these "transducing" emanations "do" in our reality but they are truly significant.

Many years ago in the early stages of my awakening I was guided to read the Flower of Life series by Drunvalo Melchizedek. I can't say that all of it resonated for me but certainly the sacred geometry stuck with me and I understand now why my guidance lead me to read those books for what is now transpiring. If you watched our YouTube webinar, Who Are the Autists of the 7 Higher Heavens, then you may remember that I described that we have been operating on a bi-wave architecture that has manifested extreme polarity. The Fibonacci spiral is part of this false bi-wave system and it approximates the Golden Mean Spiral. I won't go into detail about how or why the Fibonacci Spiral is an approximation but it has been part of the inorganic system. As I described further in this webinar, this is why our Autists have not fully integrated with their physical bodies. The Fibonacci series manifests a physical body that is operating on a bi-wave system. I know some out there might balk at this - I am not saying that the Fibonacci does not exist and that we do not see beauty manifesting from this architecture but it is part of a closed system and we cannot experience the fullness of the Avatar Human from this bi-wave system.

Consequently, in a plethora of activations, changes to the fundamental architecture of our universe (which means layers, upon layers, upon layers, upon layers, of matrices and fractal patterns...), cosmic scale movements and shifts have been made to bring the tri-wave architecture back to us. This is the basis of the tri-wave or the trinity wave (trinity here is not to imply any religion here on earth as we've known it to be the only "truth") which balances polarity and is actually in alignment with our soul matrix and the Human Avatar Matrix.

The return of the Golden Mean Spiral is another monumental step towards ascending the human form as we've known it to its original intended state as a trinitized form. In order to manifest 5th dimensional consciousness, we must be able to embody a a 5D form which is based on manifesting from the Golden Mean Spiral. This may sound very confusing.

What does this mean for us as a humanity? For those of us continuing on this path, it makes it easier to let go of old scripts, dogmas, beliefs, attachments to what is finished, and release our old ego identity. It also means that we are and will live through physiological changes as our bodies do its best to alchemically reorganize and realign to the tri-wave. It also means that our souls are able to "fuse" with the body in its organic state. It changes the DNA and RNA; reassembling DNA that was once thought to be "junk". It's unclear how many years this will take to actually make the complete change but I do know it is now well underway and that part of this change to manifest a true 5D earth - meaning complete changes to our economic systems, medical system, financial institutions, education systems, etc... - requires that as a humanity all our foundations based on bi-wave thinking and believing must also disintegrate into the zero point field.