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I Am the Observer and the Do-er

Lucinda - Octagenarian

“The cosmic clock is ticking. It is resetting into yet another cycle of reality. What is reality you ask? The deeper knowing is that reality is where you set your awareness. Can you imagine that your awareness is seeing and knowing from your omnipresent self? The knower and visionary that is anchored to a particular expression like your body. The expression of you in this lifetime is changing. Morphing as you inhale and exhale. The hidden secrets are coming undone. The knower and the experiencer coming together to invalidate what’s done; saying, “ oh... that was not the truth of me. How interesting that I had gotten attached to a version of myself that was not true? How do I reconcile my two selves that I now witness? The observer and the do-er? I can only be in one place? No, of course not! I am in a present state knowing I am everywhere and all things can converge here to this now state of being. I am ever present to this cosmic clock which is ever ticking and processing the present moment. I am present as the witness, the knower, and the do-er. All things come and go like waves. Some are stormy and others are gentle and calm. I and my Father are one. I take up His Breath and inhale the depth of who I am. My Mother and I are one. I replenish from her Holy Breath and exhale the codes of creation. The secrets are revealed. The dream we slept through are finished and over. What will I take with me into this next path that is ticking anew?”

-Susan for Sammie

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