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2020 & The Golden Ascension Path

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

This blog is going to sound very “sci-fi” (as if some of the other ones have not sounded “out there” - chuckle). Some of it may also be disturbing to some. It is an overview or BIG PICTURE, if you will. It confirms that we are on the path of continued changes (and physical upgrades...sigh...) to come and the mission of the Human Avatar. The human 'mission' since the Lemurian human had first been set upon this earth was always meant to be an ascension path. As the autist kids have relayed to me before, the Lemurian human was a third dimensional physical being who was supposed to be operating on a fifth dimensional consciousness. For various reasons, which is beyond the scope of this blog, the original human design over many, many tens of thousands of years was distorted to become this very dense third dimensional human operating on third dimensional consciousness. I know there are others on the planet who have the details of what happened to humanity.

Ascension and evolution are synonymous to Sammie. Ascension is essentially synthesizing higher and higher frequencies into the physical. This changes the very physical body through alchemical processes and activates DNA and the full potential of the Avatar Human blueprint. Through this process, we were to heal rifts in this universe and bring a sort of synthesized balance to polarity that would not be possible if “God Source” did not traverse on this path. We truly are the expression of the Creator. The end result when all 12 dimensions would have been synthesized was to be an Omniversal Being. This is Spirit in Matter and Matter in Spirit. To Sammie and the Autists I encounter, there is no difference between Spirit and Matter - it’s Expression of the God Source when operating in an open system.

I want to stay focused on the message that Sammie is conveying through the images presented here. Our core mission, as humans at this time, is to evolve out of the fallen bi-wave architecture that has detracted the Human Avatar from its original core mission. We are to evolve out of the distortions from which we currently operate. This will take many generations. The original Lemurian had the instructions and light coded instructions to ascend. Many beings, dark and light, distorted the information which has eventually brought us to where we are today. This is not to blame any one being or source but for those of us who are the Human Avatars, this must also be acknowledged because only then can we truly discern the plethora of so called spiritual information that is now available to us. For some here, their mission in this lifetime is to expose the past, and for others like Sammie and I, we’re to stay focused on the future. This is why I am only mentioning a general overview of the past. I have a general sense of what happened to humanity and to this sub-universal plane but my inner drive is to share and release what Sammie is transmit