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2020 & The Golden Ascension Path

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

This blog is going to sound very “sci-fi” (as if some of the other ones have not sounded “out there” - chuckle). Some of it may also be disturbing to some. It is an overview or BIG PICTURE, if you will. It confirms that we are on the path of continued changes (and physical upgrades...sigh...) to come and the mission of the Human Avatar. The human 'mission' since the Lemurian human had first been set upon this earth was always meant to be an ascension path. As the autist kids have relayed to me before, the Lemurian human was a third dimensional physical being who was supposed to be operating on a fifth dimensional consciousness. For various reasons, which is beyond the scope of this blog, the original human design over many, many tens of thousands of years was distorted to become this very dense third dimensional human operating on third dimensional consciousness. I know there are others on the planet who have the details of what happened to humanity.

Ascension and evolution are synonymous to Sammie. Ascension is essentially synthesizing higher and higher frequencies into the physical. This changes the very physical body through alchemical processes and activates DNA and the full potential of the Avatar Human blueprint. Through this process, we were to heal rifts in this universe and bring a sort of synthesized balance to polarity that would not be possible if “God Source” did not traverse on this path. We truly are the expression of the Creator. The end result when all 12 dimensions would have been synthesized was to be an Omniversal Being. This is Spirit in Matter and Matter in Spirit. To Sammie and the Autists I encounter, there is no difference between Spirit and Matter - it’s Expression of the God Source when operating in an open system.

I want to stay focused on the message that Sammie is conveying through the images presented here. Our core mission, as humans at this time, is to evolve out of the fallen bi-wave architecture that has detracted the Human Avatar from its original core mission. We are to evolve out of the distortions from which we currently operate. This will take many generations. The original Lemurian had the instructions and light coded instructions to ascend. Many beings, dark and light, distorted the information which has eventually brought us to where we are today. This is not to blame any one being or source but for those of us who are the Human Avatars, this must also be acknowledged because only then can we truly discern the plethora of so called spiritual information that is now available to us. For some here, their mission in this lifetime is to expose the past, and for others like Sammie and I, we’re to stay focused on the future. This is why I am only mentioning a general overview of the past. I have a general sense of what happened to humanity and to this sub-universal plane but my inner drive is to share and release what Sammie is transmitting to me and remain on the path that is our core soul mission. Let the images themselves energetically communicate to you.


The Sammie of 2940 was transmitted to me this past spring. Sammie took my hand, pulled me close to her, and tapped her forehead on mine. In that moment, I saw an image as depicting the Sammie of 2940 A.D. This is a soul expression of her future self - not really Sammie as i know her today but a soul expression that has been inspired by the Breath of Spirit for a different soul calling in this future.

I drew the image of what was imprinted into my inner vision and this is what manifested as a drawing. Her eyes are closed but I could feel the deep peacefulness emanating from her and the knowing that we as a planet “made it”. We made it through this challenging and confusing time.

A couple of months later, I was guided to next draw this same future being but with her eyes open. i just felt compelled to draw her in this liquid gold energy. The colors in the eyes represent the colors of the 7 higher heavens that I had been guided to use earlier this year. I could feel I needed to stay consistent with these colors. Some of the colors are close shades but they are slightly different.

I didn’t know what these future years in particular meant (and note that these years are in terms of how we calculate time today) until the last month or so. She clearly described to me what these meant and guided me to draw this trajectory image.

Essentially, 2020 truly begins a cycle of rerouting souls to their appropriate trajectory; 1) the Golden Path of the continued ascension, 2) the Rehabilitation Path of human souls who are so fragmented and/or who have sold their souls and sold out humanity that they need a longer ascension pathway, and 3) the different pathways for Rehabilitation of nonhuman souls, fallen consciousness beings, fallen angelics,etc.... Please note that this is a broad overview and that there are intricate 'sub pathways' along these trajectories.

Future Sammie of 2940 is saying that 2940 is when those humans who needed a longer rehabilitation pathway will start to join us on the Golden Ascension pathway. And by 3890, we will have recovered all lost Human Avatar Souls who had originally taken on the ascension mission eons ago. I see a celebration taking place. I see multi-colored metallic tones and faces and hugs as we welcome everyone back. From here, we are to undertake the new ascension pathway in an 18 dimensional universe. The 18 dimensional universe exists already and is simultaneously our future. I know this might be a confusing concept. Some of us are there already and working to establish this pathway. By simultaneously being here in our now and in this future, we are creating this energetic pathway. In 2016, Sammie handed me the 16th, 17th, and 18th chakras in meditation. These are the access points to the 16th, 17th, and 18th dimensions. We are operating here and in multiple dimensional timelines. Some of you are the human templates in this future at different evolutionary points because, as stated above, physical ascension must be accompanied by DNA adjustments. Our physical consciousness evolves to continue to adapt matter into Spirit.

There's a pathway on this diagram that shows a trajectory for the non-humans and fallen beings. I realize that may be a troubling concept and statement to some of you. The main point about this blog is to talk about those of you who are on this golden ascension pathway so I’m only going to briefly mention what little I know about non-humans. In order to talk about that concept, I have to talk about our soul matrix. Briefly, our souls are actually a fractal pattern or matrix based on the tri-wave; a triangle, simply put, is the basis of this matrix. This is where the idea of the trinity comes from. Our human avatar soul blueprint is imprinted to be a 12 dimensional expression. We have existed in a 15 dimensional universe. The 15D we access Heavenly Father, 13D-Heavenly Mother, 14D is like the expression of the two or Heavenly Child (the Christos-Sophia) embodying masculine and feminine -note, this is a very simplified description because we’re actually talking about dimensional access points. The One Human Soul was created to access all 12 dimensions and ascend (or evolve to synthesize with all those dimensional layers in the physical manifestation). This is our chakra system. I still remember Sammie telling me in 2015 that she came in with a 15 chakra system. Each chakra is an access point into each dimension. We are multidimensional. We can’t exist here without being multidimensional. We exist in all these dimensions as the human avatar and this is what the Autists of the 7 higher heavens are pointing us to remember.

So the “true” avatar human has a soul blueprint to be this 12 dimensional being in a 15 dimensional universe. It’s your soul nature. And this blueprint is inspired by the breath to manifest a particular body. This blueprint to be active as a human avatar should have been manifesting out of the golden mean spiral which is organic to our nature and tri-wave. This was to exist in an open system so we had access to and informing Source at all levels of our physical expression. This is where the concept of the 12 strands of DNA also comes in; 12 dimensions, 12 strands of DNA.

It seems, however, by reverse engineering the DNA with many artificial platforms, including the bi-wave Fibonacci spiral manifestation template, we’ve been operating on 9 strands of DNA and many other pieces of our DNA thrown out as junk but still present in the nucleus of our cells. This is the human of the last 6 thousand or so years. So, it would seem, this makes it possible for souls who are not full 12 dimensional avatars to incarnate here? I leave that as a question because part of me thinks that’s just too crazy…but I'm reminded that I’m here to share what wants to be shared…

So, use your discernment as to what feels right for you today, and I know some of you have the details of how far this fallen bi-wave system goes.

What Sammie is showing here is actually the path of our freedom for those of us who are truly human avatar souls. Even those on the rehabilitation path are essentially being freed. Those who are not 12 dimensional avatar souls cannot expand to that level of expression. Some might say, “Well, aren’t we all one, and why can’t they ascend too? Shouldn’t we help them?”

Sammie is saying, “No. Trust in the greater plan that has been pain stakingly layed out. See that there is a pathway for everyone. This is how others have fallen. Humans are intuitively compassionate and have fallen into a fate that actually brought them into very low consciousness states. Some of them are the fallen humans who sold out humanity. 2020 begins the re-routing of souls as they transition out. This is a big clean up job underway which lasts to about 2940 A.D. For the human avatars on the golden ascension path, it is to process out distortions of consciousness platforms at all levels. It is time to own your soul blueprint. In this sense, there is actually more clarity and discernment that comes as to what you should do, with who, and where. In this same way, as a collective, you are owning your humanity and your Human Soul Blueprint. Trust your inner humanity. There has been too much outside influence telling you what you should do. As the God made flesh, you innately know. This is clarity; owning who you are as a collective. There are non-human souls living amongst you who are saying they are here to teach humanity but you have the ability. It’s innate. Yes, there are many humans who’ve lost their ability to discern but again, they too will be placed on their appropriate path. Many of you wonder about your loved ones and family members who don’t seem to get it but they are taking in the new consciousness energies and will incarnate at the appropriate place and time for them in the future of this golden ascension pathway.” My sense is that most people are good in their hearts and are being imprinted with the information they need at the soul level to return in the future.

There is a massive detangling process underway. The detangling is to weed out the energetic distortions so to speak. There are energy patterns or fractal matrices to all of what is manifested. There are so many convoluted beliefs that our institutions and systems are built upon that it will take several generations to weed them all out. The Human Soul collective is powerful - powerful in its ability to discern at the deepest soul level and this means we must connect the physical body with our layers of the soul matrix, oversoul matrix, Avatar matrix, and now what Sammie is showing me, the very sentient nature of our being which is actually the physical body. The human blueprint as an avatar is meant to be a physically sentient being. This is what our senses are for.

To be clear, the 12D human soul ascension pathway(s) are unique and evolutionarily distinct from the non-human (9D, 10D) soul ascension vector(s) as depicted in the image above. Their path is their's alone. During this ascension phase we are collectively being extricated from an entangled human - non-human consciousness state to right us back on our original, spiritually intended course. As 12D humans we need to focus and align to our soul's divine path.

Some of you are wondering, well, what about being a star seed? That knowing that you’ve been a being as another galactic being? Remember that the human avatar blueprint as soul beings, exists in 12 dimensions and so there is a version of your soul being that is likely that 9th dimensional Pleiadian or 8th dimensional Arcturian as examples or the Lyran or other universal expressions. Some souls -- of the non-human variety -- are not, and cannot, operate beyond the 9th or 10th dimension. The human soul is innately gifted and unique. However, when people are conditioned to third dimensional consciousness, these beings can sound and feel very expanded at first but when you begin to operate at expanded soul consciousness, they begin to feel small. I understand it can be confusing because they can sincerely be talking about bringing unity consciousness back to humanity but they feel very limited. Use your discernment. One man I was watching was describing his experiences going way back millions of years ago. Bits and pieces sounded similar to some of what I’ve relayed but there was definite points that made me question who he is at a soul level. One dead give away to me is when people describe that time is the 4th dimension. Time is the 4th dimension when you’re operating on 3D linear time. As the avatar human soul, you become aware that time is a vector and that you can move your consciousness in 360 degrees which executes manifestation templates.

I want to emphasize that this blog is not to create divisions amongst us but be clear about who you are as a soul being. I see other spiritual guides talking about 2020 being the year of clarity. Yes. We’re being magnetically drawn to snap to our unique soul vibration. On a broader scale, it feels like it is up to us to define what it means to be the Full Human Avatar Soul; the one true template of ‘Human’. What is our true Human Avatar potential? Let us humans as a collective decide. My deep inner sense is that for the true human avatar, our default is compassion. Look at history. My feeling is that it has always been the true humans who have strived to right the wrongs; ending slavery, constitutions to bring equality, etc... True compassion has been exploited and we have pitted man against man but as we come to feel our inner truth and align to our true soul nature, we will evolve out distortions to then express our true potential as the Human Avatar - God Made Flesh. This trajectory that Sammie is showing us is the Freedom and Potential of Humanity.

The main points of this transmission from Sammie:

1. The future trajectory is set. This is humanity’s freedom. It may look like a long path but it is actually relatively short considering the cosmic scale we’re talking about. And, there is a deeply compassionate path set for ALL beings and ALL Souls.

2. It’s important to align to your deeper soul nature that contains the unique soul mission you are on. This image from Sammie is also conveying that this soul path will actually magnetically draw you to your path even if you try not to listen to it! It’s as if our free will is being limited from a certain perspective to complete a very important cosmic plan which is to eliminate the distortions and re-align us to cosmic law which exists on an omniversal scale. The severe consciousness distortions and gross violations that have taken place can no longer be tolerated. I know it may not appear as though there is healing taking place but all that has gone unseen must be brought to the surface. The ugliest truths must surface. Don’t be afraid to witness it. Pay attention to what your sentient body is telling you.

3. Consequently, it is important that each of us and each of you reading this who are Human Avatar Souls stay the course. The true Human Avatars are deeply compassionate and empathic which can also get us into trouble. We can easily be guilted into helping those who are still too blind. If someone or group is guilting, shaming, or trying to blame you into activities that do not feel right, then run. They are not operating with authenticity nor in the best interest of you.

4. I don’t know exactly how this future trajectory will unfold in its minute detail but I trust that more will be revealed each step of the way. There are millions of us on this path. Most of humanity is on the golden ascension path. There are family members and loved ones who may not be “awake” to what’s happening but are loving and compassionate heart centered people. As souls, they are taking in the information streaming in during this lifetime and will incarnate in the future on this golden ascension path.

5. Remember, the human avatars as star seeds, exist in all dimensions of this universe and we are being adjusted to evolve to an 18 dimensional human. The 18 dimensional universe is partly to adjust to the first harmonic universe (1D, 2D, 3D) being moved to the 2nd harmonic universe in the beginning of 2018.

6. Sammie is conveying that 2020 really begins this cycle of clarity as to what it means to be the true Human Avatar. I believe we innately know once we really embody Soul. We don’t know what the human potential really is.

This blog was difficult to write. There is much unsaid and more to be revealed. Take care of yourself - I make no predictions that 2020 will be a year of grand bliss - it’s unique based on where you are on this path. But I do know that as Soul, you become more immune to the drama, inner trust grows, and self-love is divinely imprinted into the very fabric of your being.

And btw…the 18 dimensional ascension pathway will be to become this omniversal being. We have the love and support! We are LOVE!

As an example of the support we have, we were guided to offer this attunement to the symbol, Praesana, which I had received on 7/21/12. It will assist people in making adjustments to the expanded consciousness available. Share it with your friends to collectively make a smooth transition. You can do the attunement as often as you like. Check it out here.

As always, take only that which resonates, and be neutral about the rest!

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