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Be the Word Made Flesh

Inner Union to Wholeness

This image is a transmission of what I felt happening beginning Dec 24th, 2022 here in the US. The left side star pattern is the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades and the right side is the 7 Rishic Suns of Ursa Major. They represent the feminine and masculine. These constellations are emanating the 3 Daughter and 3 Son codes from deep within the cosmos and then further transmitting them to our solar system. The 3 Son Codes are coming through Jupiter and the 3 Daughter Codes are coming through Venus so it is particularly intense.

You might think, "Why would these transmissions coming through our planets?" If you consider that matter is not dead but rather very alive with Spirit, and quite frankly, more so than ever, then you can contemplate that everything we see with our eyes are transmitting and emanating. From deep within the Cosmos, God Source radiates Its brilliance of Spirit and thus comes through matter. All aspects of matter - the very micro of Mother and the very macro of Father for simplicity. From this perspective, you can feel the essence of this message and the spark of inner knowing. Our solar system is coming alive as all portals continue to realign to the point of Origin before any distortion or fallen consciousness existed. As this continues, the impact on our physical being will increase.

Back to the message:

The symbol in the center is the Triple Fire Serpent. It looks like one of the reiki symbols but is NOT a reiki symbol. It is a Pleiadian master symbol. Some time in 2016, a Pleiadian dragon came through and drew 6 symbols into my hands and this is one of them. In this instance, it facilitates the inner union of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine or the left (feminine) and right (masculine) sides. You may feel the symbol down the central vertical channel.

This energy and process is supposed to dominate the first half of 2023. If you've already done your inner marriage, then a deeper union will continue.

Samantha said to me that the daughter codes will stimulate our daughter cells. So I asked, "Is this the mitochondria?" And said, "Yes". The mitochondria is passed on from our mother whether you're in a male body or a female body. The summer solstice (northern hemisphere and winter solstice southern hemisphere) will be another shift. What kind of shift this will occur, is yet to be seen. We are going through many shifts on many levels and so much is transpiring at multiple levels. I’m seeing our chromosomes and new information coming through, and there are new geomantic energy connections being made with Tara. Number codes are activating geometric patterns in this connection. Stay tuned here on our website, for more detail watch our vlog excerpts on our YouTube channel, or join us on Patreon as a cosmic member to get monthly updates and the latest meditations to adapt.

These words came through on 12-25-22 and inspired me to draw this image:

Be my Cosmic children again,
Be my Eyes,
Be my Flesh,
Be my witness,
Be my Love,
And create for the New to be born.
Make the Word Flesh.” -God Source

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