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Sonic Emanations in Our Solar System

Sound transmissions are now in our solar system.
Sonic Emanation

I'm posting a quick message I posted in social media because I feel this is important to what some of you may be experiencing. This is activity happening in 6D in our solar system.

Are you feeling off or dizzy or nauseous and like sounds tones are vibrating you? This image I drew in Feb this year. I didn’t know what it was and just named it Sonic Emanations coming from deep in the cosmos. Well, it’s emanation is here meaning a version of it is in our solar system. It’s a dark matter solar body and I and others are feeling it’s effects. It’s between Jupiter and Saturn. It is pulsing through our solar system. Sam had an explosion yesterday when it suddenly pulsed out and hit the earth and moon. Big changes underway. We are changing our cosmic coordinates and you may be feeling like you’re moving. Stabilize your hara line. Intend to change your coordinates to the new universal architecture and earths new position. Mothers Fractal Laws have changed, this in short creates micro matrices or fractals. It’s being activated by Fathers Infinite calculus.

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