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The Activation of Ophiuchus & the Soul Contract

Constellation Ophiuchus depicted by coral colored star bursts

Ophiuchus is one of the 13 signs of the zodiac. The traditional astrology such as the Tropical system, which much of the western societies use, utilizes a 12 astrological constellation system. It is my understanding, however, that there have always been 13 zodiac signs, but a 12 astrological constellation system has been used for centuries. This blog is not to cover the history of why a 12-constellation system was adopted.

Ophiuchus is a rather large constellation that is situated, from our perspective, between Scorpio and Sagittarius. For the sake of this blog, and since I’m not an astrologer, I will be discussing my energetic experience with the 13 constellations, and particularly, about Ophiuchus and its activation to bring neutrality and stability. The constellations imprint us with our soul contract and activates our genes. This translates into our abilities and gifts to live our soul purpose.

Before I describe my recent experiences with Samantha's soul contract and how this relates to Ophiuchus, let me just say that January started out with quite a cosmic bang. You are likely feeling the effects of the activations that began this year. The earth portals of the 16th, 17th, and 18th dimensions (which are not quite dimensions but referred to as such for lack of a better term at this time) burst open like flood gates in the first few days of January. We will be sharing a vlog of an excerpt from our January 18, 2022 Patreon meeting in the coming days which better describes what the 16, 17, & 18th dimensions or 6th harmonic universe means.

Briefly, it is the realms of ‘dark matter’ or the “Is-Not” space/field which enables light, sound, or differentiated vibrations to even exist. It is like the photo negative (when photos were developed in dark rooms) of the manifested reality in which we exist. In one of our earliest blogs, Samantha described to me that in the dark matter realms, there exists a sort of photo negative matrix that is created which then “projects” a pattern for the light to go through. This is the light body matrix and our physical body manifests through the activation of our genes to match the energetic blueprint of the light body.

The dark matter realms have always been there. With the activation of the 6th harmonic universe, however, it changes our awareness of dark matter and how we interact with it. It will be interesting to see how scientific advancements will be made with this now “hyper” awareness. It is causing deeper purges and an activation of templates in this co-created reality. And as far as I can see and feel, it affects all living organisms on the planet and manifested matter.

It is also somehow changing states of matter in our galaxy and the light coming through the constellations is also igniting our soul matrix for the new era we have entered.

The first half of January was very intense and challenging for Samantha. The second half has also been topsy turvy, and I received energetic information as I endeavored to support her with the latest changes. On the weekend of Jan 23-24, I began having visions of Samantha’s astrological chart. Consequently, I pulled out her chart and felt the immediate urge to place my hands, palms down over it. The word “dissolve” began floating out of my hands, and I felt her soul contract dissolving.

Briefly, the soul contract is an energetic “agreement”, and it is made manifest in our physical body by the activation of our genes. This gives us our physical attributes, tendencies, and gifts. Interestingly, the constellations of the heavens activate this soul contract. Each of the corresponding constellations has an element associated with it (earth, fire, air, water) which activates our genes. I’m not a trained astrologist so I am discussing this from an energetic perspective and from teachings I’ve received from other advanced souls in human form such as Dr. Connie Kaplan and Lisa Renee's writings in Energetic Synthesis. How I describe the information, however, is my perspective on the teachings and not necessarily directly quoted from either of them. This understanding deeply resonates for me and has helped me understand the energetic soul contract and who we are as humans.

To say that the soul contract is imprinted upon us, means that the energy of the constellations and the element with which they’re affiliated, activates our genes. So, when I felt Samantha’s birth astrological chart dissolving, I also felt the powerful presence of Ophiuchus activating and a new energetic imprint activating. Under the 12 astrological sign system, she is/was a Cancer but in a 13 Zodiac sign system, she’s a Gemini.

In the drawing above, Ophiuchus is highlighted and drawn with a coral-colored energy which has represented an activation from the dark matter realms. What’s so important about this? Well, as I engaged Ophiuchus coming through my hands, I could feel that its element is ether, and it brings balance, neutrality, and stability to the Zodiac system. In our physical bodies, it means that it will balance the electric and magnetic, the masculine and feminine, and the mental and emotional. In fact, Ophiuchus seems to have a direct connection to Gemini, a representation of the masculine and feminine. Ophiuchus is also known as the healer and will enhance our abilities to heal ourselves. Here’s an image of the 13 Zodiac signs the Autists had me draw in 2019.

Here’s a link to a blog from that time.

I knew from this activity with Samantha’s astrological chart that she was being imprinted with a new soul contract. And this is available to all of us at various stages of our awakening and our soul agreement to continue our life and soul’s work on the planet in this new epoch.

Interestingly, a week or so before this activity with Samantha, she said to me energetically that she could see that she accomplished her soul mission for which she had been born thus far. This first soul contract involved assisting the co-creation of the new universal architecture and all its subsequent laws. It involved bringing in the connections with this 16, 17, and 18th dimensions. I recall a meditation in 2016 in which she “handed” me the 16th, 17th, and 18th dimensional chakras. We have been working with those off and on since then. It’s part of the Planetary Synthesis meditations we did for 6 months in 2017 and on our YouTube channel. I didn’t know where those sessions were leading at the time.

Samantha communicated to me that upon seeing her 15 month old cousin recently (my grandniece), she could see that this new baby is operating on a brand new template. Consequtnely, she knew she had completed what she came to do. Therefore, she, as a soul, could dissolve that original imprint and could be imprinted with a new soul contract. This will begin to rewire her at all levels and will facilitate the changes to her physical density to vibrate with a higher vibrational earth. And I reiterate, this is available to all of us and all the Autists. She was not going to embody until these times.

All of this is in alignment with the changes underway with the new mathematical laws from God Source, the new fractal patterning, the changes to our density, etc… It involves living as a soul and understanding that the physical vessel is uniquely imprinted energetically to vibrate as a soul. This means that our tendencies, our passions, and most importantly our abilities are energetically manifesting to be Soul. By allowing this divine union of soul and physical vessel, we are contracted with Life on planet earth to serve one another and serve the planet. In return, we receive the gifts of Life and from all the sentience on the planet to support the soul mission or contract. First, by Being Our Authentic Selves, our Doing and “what we should be doing” is inspired. Like the out breath of Spirit through us, we know what to do and when to do it ... and all we have to do is let the old 3D paradigms dissolve and allow the Breath of God Source breathe through us. Sounds easy but we have been trained out of trusting our inner voice. It's time to trust and become the initiate.

The Autists have been on a very unique starseed mission and could not be changed by therapies such as Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA. Behavior can be rewarded or discouraged but in the absence of environmental “controls”, they often reverted back to the same sensory tendencies because these tendencies are part of their soul imprint in the body which actually supported cosmic downloads.

I don’t know what Samantha’s “new soul contract” is or what she will look like or how her neurology and sensory system will change but I sense more ease coming as she adapts and is rewired. The activation of Ophiuchus seems to play a prominent role in this upcoming change as it feels like it will be easier to come into neutrality. As I stated earlier, this is available to everyone on the planet but how each adapts to it and works with it will depend on each individual.

If you find our information helpful, join us on Patreon for regular updates and monthly meditations to keep up with the changes. If you join as a tier 3 member, you'll get instant access to all the previous material, the latest energetic drawings, and the video hang out meetings. The video hang outs are structured as follows: 1. Question and answer, 2. Presentation with slides and the latest images, and 3. An energy meditation to help you adapt to the cosmic changes and embody. In January’s meditation, we re-attached the Wings of Asclepius to our light bodies; the archetype of the healer which had been cut from our light bodies thousands of years ago.

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