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The Exquisite Pulse of Christ Consciousness

We are moving full steam ahead with this ascension - it may not look like it in the outer world. Tyrannical mandates continue to be executed. Just look at a San Diego hospital which fired a number of its nurses for refusing to submit to injections. No exemptions were allowed. I won’t go into those details here as you can look up the story. And please, use your own true heart's discernment. If the vibe of the story does not feel heart centered, then don't take in what might be their misleading twist on the facts.

I want to stick to the cosmic support we continue to receive, and to ask for your help. As grand souls in anchoring and vibrating this exquisite pulse of Christ Consciousness which came through yesterday. I wanted to get this message out quickly so excuse any typos and just general poor grammar. (As if any of you really care… ha, ha)

This particular cosmic wave has been building for a few days but in particular became pronounced this past Wednesday. I’m sure many others around the globe and some of you, felt it. Sammie was agitated and my oldest son also expressed that he was hearing sounds in his head distracting him. I could feel it inaudibly. My ears get a little muffled and I can feel the vibrations on the bones just behind my ears. It was intense for a few hours. I was having visions of pale gold metallic energy and a very intricate tone of energy. The oscillation of it is truly exquisite.

I was informed that it’s a Christ Consciousness wave for the “mute”; those still in a trance and unable to discern what’s really happening. I began drawing the energy yesterday while Sammie was sitting next to me. She was imprinting the image. This wave is actually coming from the 7 higher heavens where many of these beyond verbal autists are “from”. It is like the 19-25th dimension and beyond. I say “like” because these realms are non-dimensional and more like infinite expressions of zero point.

The main point of this blog is to share the image with a particular mission in mind. The Luciferian influenced leaders are attempting to exert and execute absolute control on the planet. There are people such as scientists, doctors, nurses, attorneys, and many others, who are trying to bring to light what’s happening. It may not seem like you or I have a strong enough voice in this human liberation movement but we can have an impact as vast and powerful souls on the planet.

So, your call to action with this Exquisite Pulse of Christ Consciousness is to bring this pulse in through your body, anchor it to the planet in however you envision you do, and then vibrate it out to your local community, and extend it out as far as you can go to encircle the entire planet.

  • Focus on key people like local leaders, law enforcement, employers, hospital administrators, judges, etc…

  • Law enforcement, military personnel, national guard, etc… are or will feel particularly torn. I mention these people in particular because in order to enforce mandates, these so called government leaders will eventually need these people to enforce it.

  • There are many who are feeling torn in their positions. And some anonymously coming forward as whistle blowers. The fact checkers call it fake news but that’s ok.

If a children’s hospital in San Diego can fire numerous nurses for refusing to take the injection and risk jeopardizing the closing of a hospital, and not even accept exemptions or natural immunity via having had said veyerus, then there’s another agenda at hand. This is happening in other cities around the country. If you haven’t already asked yourself , “why is the government and so many other governments around the world so eager to get that injection into you?”, then it’s time to start asking. And to ask how far will this go? It’s been reported that the national guard will be placed in hospitals and in schools around NYC. If administrators are willing to fire key health care personnel for a shot, then how far will they be ordered to go?

I won’t live on an earth that is autocratically controlled, and I won’t become part of a transhumanism agenda. This is our planet. It belongs to the Human Avatar and we’re here in Spiritual Union with all life and nature on the planet. And if Gaia wants to shake off the human species because we’ve become too dangerous for the planet, then so be it.

We are being supported by the ALL THAT IS to free humanity and so many on the planet are heeding the call by peacefully resisting but we must stay united and join our Soul Sovereign Power before more force is exerted on the people. It’s hard to imagine that this is happening.

On a final note, I am having visions of luciferian like beings on the ground holding their heads in agony because the pulse of this Christ Consciousness wave will be very disrupting to those attempting to take absolute control. Let's also see what happens to government officials who cannot align to their universal heart.

Take deep breaths as you bring this wave into your body. Stop if it is too intense and gradually do a bit more each day. We can impact the planetary vibration and are impacting the planetary vibration.

Feel free to download the image, meditate with it, share it, share it, and share it! You’re free to download and share any of our images. We just ask you pass it on for free and to not alter the image in any way.

With deep gratitude to you all,

Samantha, Susan, and family

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