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The Golden White Eagle Grid

There is so much to describe and so many changes taking place, it’s difficult to narrow down the message. Exciting changes continue to transpire and 2022 is the year of manifesting on earth with the new codes. The earth grid and the earth layers continue to be physically cleansed which stimulates deeper clearing and cleansing of our physical bodies. The most recent solar eclipse and new moon on April 30, 2022 marks another significant cosmic leap. The sun re-emerging after the eclipse is like a new day. Another Rebirth, so to speak. And 5-1-2022, I was shown several weeks ago is numerologically like another 2-22-2022. The numbers add up to a similar alignment and we receive another push from Source to realign to the Origin point before any fallen consciousness existed.

Since we realigned to the Origin on the 2-22-2022 portal, there has been an acceleration of changes at cosmic and physical levels. The activity of the sun with its intense solar flares is one example of how our physical world is being impacted. Our sun impacts us very physically and is stimulating further deep releases of mental, emotional, and physical blocks. People are easily triggered. Simultaneously, however, our soul can make a deeper and new connection with our physical bodies so that we truly become a vessel for our soul. In this way, we truly become the vessel and an expression of Source, and we are thus vessels of experience unfolding.

Time enables us to experience as these vessels. I know that at certain stages of spiritual awakening, we suddenly realize that time does not exist, but maintaining this thinking while we’re in human bodies can also confuse us. Especially at the physical human level. Time enables frequencies to come together and express and also enables us to track changes. How would we experience seeing a flower bud and bloom? How would we watch the miraculous development of an embryo become a baby and then to experience the growth of that baby into a wondrous human? If Source is experiencing and expressing through us as souls in a human vessel, then time enables Source to experience what unfolds in our lives. And so, with the cosmic changes underway, time does not cease to exist but old time vector codes or timelines are disintegrating, and new time vector codes for the future earth is activating.

This is what can be described as the Great Reset of the Cosmic Clock - or my understanding, starting a new epoch; a new Alpha&Omega cycle of God Source to fully become the Divinity we were meant to be.

At a soul level, you may again feel an inner nudge or jolt to move, or change jobs, or feel compelled to redecorate. Remember, that this does not mean abrupt changes are necessary because in a realm of time, things are meant to manifest over time. This enables us to maneuver physical things, sequentially plan, and most importantly, enables us to draw to us the right people and circumstances.

The cosmic changes are exponential so it’s important as physical humans to take care of ourselves, breathe and take an account of how much physical change we can handle at once. In other words, refrain from making rash and impulsive decisions just because you feel your soul pushing you in a certain direction. This is a relationship between soul and body, and its important to remember that God Source designed our physical bodies to have a wisdom and understanding of how the physical world operates.

The New Golden White Eagle

The image above depicts a deeper cleansing and activation of a higher vibrating earth grid. The spiritual energy of this vast golden white eagle is permeating the earth grid to ignite a higher vibrating earth grid network. I drew the golden white eagle last week when it appeared in my vision following some intense activity. Samantha was exhibiting agitation and distress which I’ve learned can indicate that there is a break through taking place in a cosmic layer of our reality. I toned and used light language for over an hour when suddenly this beautiful golden white eagle emerged. Beautiful horizontal pastel rainbow colors appeared around the earth.

The lavender and purple fire are emanating from a violet sun which seems to be a direct interface between the dark matter and white matter realms. I’m not exactly sure how to describe what that means but it is significant to how our world becomes physically manifest from the various alchemical processes which transduces light and sound into this world we know.

The cleansing of the earth matter will also facilitate deep physical healing since we are made of earth matter. It’s all very difficult to understand with the mind but can be felt and experienced energetically. Take a moment and let the energy of image to inspire your understanding. You are loved beyond words and you’ve done a magnificent job just being on the planet!

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1 Comment

I always love the very lively intense expressions of the faces you draw, you are very good at expression, especially of the eyes...

beautiful bird image besides the very powerful energy it emanates. It certainly asks for an awake-ness for being aware and alive with trust and feeling the balancing energy in it.

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