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The Seed of Sentience

Today’s blog is primarily being transmitted by this image. The words came through from Sammie. Can you imagine just sheer vastness that is BEING? Sheer existence. Being EVERYTHING and NO-THING simultaneously. It’s as if the “birth” of consciousness enabled a level of sentient precision to come into existence. This precision enables a specific energetic vibration to be distinguished. Imagine the color red. It cannot exist or be perceived unless there is a specific vibration to it. In a sense this “created separation”. You cannot exist as this BEING unless you are distinguishable from another vibration. Sammie is saying, “Now, imagine this is your ego. Ego identity as a 5th dimensional being simply means you are a being collapsing into this coherent vibrational form; coherently ”holding” many frequency tones held together by the Law of Structure and the Law of Form. The Law of Omniscient Omnipresence is now really activating what you consider to be your 2nd dimension. This is part of the process of moving you out of the false matrix which had trapped you in 3rd dimensional consciousness.”

This may sound complex but there is a simplicity to it. It’s another way of looking at yourself as a unique soul vibration with the added awareness that you are first an omniscient expression of the God Source. Your uniqueness is a precise expression that experiences and is interconnected to everything. Sentience connects us to all of creation.

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