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Archangel Transmission

On October 23, 2015, I began receiving a powerful transmission from the Archangels. I started creating a geometric image to capture the energy. It contains what felt like hundreds if not thousands of angels. I knew I was to prepare it for release in the energy of the 11-11-15 new moon. I also did a spontaneous recording to capture the energy. There was so much I could not express everything so listen between the words. The archangel mentioned in the second half is Archangel Zaphkiel. Click on image for full visual transmission. Listen to audio for sound transmission.

AA 10-23 Transmission - by Susan Oros
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A Special Message from Archangel Metatron

November 6, 2015


"Lords of light – and yes, we are referring to you the human. Humanity has forgotten that he and she are Lords of light. Long ago when the human soul agreed to step into this dense reality, a veil was placed over your etheric eyes so that you may master the full expression of density. It has been harsh from your perspective and trials and tribulations have endured for far too long in your eyes. Many are waking up and have woken up. When we, as the collective voice of the angelic realms, say that you have mastered the expression of density, we mean that you have learned to create in a third dimensional realm where polarity springs you from one end to the other. In this process, you have forgotten your true essence, which is of the light. This has made it a very lonely journey and also a struggle to continually find balance. It has made it especially difficult to fully know in the body itself that you are Divine Expressions. Thus, you have forgotten to create in wholeness. This has led to third dimensional creations, which have been out of balance with all the realms of the earth. The devas, nature spirits, and elemental spirits are our angelic cousins responsible for the creation of the earth as you know it.

The veil has been removed from your etheric eyes but the foundations of your third dimensional world persist in your belief systems.


Some of you say, “Well, why don’t the angels just transform everything and stop all the bloodshed and suffering”? Lords of light, as lords, it is up to you. When you remember the essence of light from which you manifest and can allow your mental constructs of the past to de-construct, you will be able to physically hold these codes of light in the body thus enabling you as a collective to end suffering. Allow yourself to integrate these codes with grace and ease. We are not here to make you afraid that the world is coming to an end but to guide you through what will internally feel like chaos.  Many of you are having medically unexplained symptomology. The light is literally changing you physically – how can it not when you are made from exquisite codes of Love sent forth in Light?


There are many on the planet now who have been preparing for this monumental leap in human consciousness. Seek them out as it resonates for you. However, remember that you are in charge. You are empowered to make the transition. Self blame, doubt, anger at the outside world will continuously surface right now. Love these thoughts. Breathe deeply in those moments and allow the fullness of Grace  to wash you. Be as neutral and loving towards yourself as you can.  This helps you to hold the light codes, which are integrating in you.


The angelic realm is here to assist you. Call on us if you need because we cannot aid you unless asked.“


Susan Moon Oros for

Archangel Metatron on behalf of the Angelic Realm

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