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About this space

by Susan Moon Oros

(Updated 10/12/2018)

Welcome to the Cosmic Age! Thank you for visiting our virtual space.The consciousness we bring you in this virtual space is primarily brought to you by my daughter and I, and is supported by the matrix of our family.


My daughter, Sammie, is a high vibrational autist and accesses the omniverse in her own unique way. She has been the inspiration to remind us of our soul path and to stay on this path. Together we access many stargates and portals. We are stepping up to the next phase of our soul agreement.


2017 was a very pivotal year when new portals and activations really opened. As we have stepped into 2019, the omniverse is very much available to us as we have stepped into the next Harmonic Universe. These high vibrational autists (for lack of better term) are here as emissaries, so to speak, from the 7 higher heavens beyond our universe to anchor these codes. Humanity is being reset on its path to evolve the human form into an omniversal Avatar Being in full union with God Source. We are here to serve and are deeply honored for this opportunity. Please peruse the site for new archangels, symbols, and powerful blogs with new perspectives and activations, and don’t let the outer world drama keep you from acknowledging the truth within you. Book a session if you need deeper assistance and check out our slide show for some of our latest energy images and symbols. You are loved.

About us

By Susan Moon Oros, M.A.

Reiki Master

Awesomism Level 3 Practitioner


I am currently the primary communicator for this website as a means to share very profound insights streaming in from the greater consciousness. It is, however, a collective family endeavor as they each support me and teach me in unique ways.


My husband and I have three children; two classified as severely developmentally disabled. Our oldest son has Down Syndrome. Our daughter, Sammie, is classified as “autistic” and her energetic awarenesses are just beginning to fully engage. Our youngest son is considered “neurotypical”. They are each unique and keep us on our toes and have bent our belief systems to shape us into who my husband and I are today.

Our oldest son teaches us to live in the moment. He is all about the present; what’s in front of him. As I am able to feel and experience with a different lens, I see what he brings to the earth just by his presence. How often have you heard that we all bring a gift and yet we have been living by an economic system that says "you are only worth what you can pump out; keep making and producing." We are all part of the solution just by seeing this.


Sammie, our daughter, has in some ways been the biggest surprise. She is the only one named here since she has the biggest influence on my other dimensional awarenesses and has influenced the birth of this website. She seems so out of sync with our world and yet her essence is vast and so connected to a realm beyond imagination. She is truly inspiring me to become more than I ever thought possible. Many of the blog posts will be insights shared by her; glimpses  through the lens from which she sees which is beyond what our 5 senses can experience. I started having very strong clairvoyant experiences with her in 2009. My connection to her consciousness was enhanced and deeply changed when I became an Awesomism practitioner starting in 2014. See my Blog page for further details about this part of my journey,


Our youngest, gives us the experience of parenting a “typical” kid but he is far from “typical” as I am beginning to see more and more. As a matter of fact, this seems to be the case for the generation of kids growing up now. He sees through the b.s. and so intuitively sees the essence of what’s truly important.


As stated in the Welcome message, I am also a “cancer survivor”. I put those in quotes because it’s more of a societal term and label to define an experience. It was truly the most awakening experience of my life.


My husband holds a PhD in Information Sciences and he is the support system holding this reality together so to speak and makes sure I don’t float too far off into the cosmic heavens! He also assists me with the technical aspects of this website.


I was not always like this – meaning connected to other realms in the way I am today. I definitely thought I was losing my mind when my awarenesses of other spiritual beings became so enhanced and precise. I was very attached to the foundations of the beliefs we have been standing on; the economic system, the system of science and religion, and ultimately, the belief about ourselves. The belief that Prime Creator was somewhere out there and I had to work hard to get myself out of this dualistic physical existence.


The doors blew open in 2009 while undergoing radiation treatment. I was attuned to Reiki in the summer of 2009 but right before this event, I began having visions of symbols which later activated as light/energy to flow through my hands. Since then, I have been “downloading” energy symbols, feel the essences of devas, nature spirits, elementals and experience the expanding vibrations of the Archangels. Again, for more details, check out the Introductory Blog.


We as humanity are living through a pivotal evolutionary phase. You see it and hear people talking about it everywhere even if they don’t realize it. It is the rise of organic foods, kids inventing mind blowing devices, free energy, the rise of noetic sciences, the concern about how animals are treated for our food, and organizations to exchange our gifts and services.


There is an unprecedented renaissance taking place. Creating heaven on earth is something we can achieve. It means, though, that we have to transcend what no longer is in resonance for us. This can be scary because it means your beliefs will be challenged. Too much has happened to me to go back. So much of it bliss filled. I hope I can share some of that bliss in this website. Something truly miraculous is taking place!

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