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This guided meditation is to assist in overriding the inorganic intentions imbedded in the 5G network radio frequencies which are targeting and attempting to thwart humanity's ascension process.  As ascending Sophia-Christos Avatar humans, we are in constant receipt of Divine light codes and transmissions through our light bodies. As our consciousness expands and we begin to awaken, we are actually awakening the layers of our Avatar light body and communicating with the human that is you. The implementation of 5G technologies is attempting to scramble these divine, organic codes intended for humanity so that we will be prevented from remembering humanity's history and our purpose. Those who hold the wealth on the planet are still attempting to halt or limit our ascension process by scrambling the information coming through the light body via the very high frequencies of the 5G network.   This powerful meditation with the updated Spheres of Amenti is being offered to allow you to override these interference signals. The Sage Y-Star consciousness is, "Reveal the Truth." This image was shown to Susan by Sammie. The light language in this meditation is very powerful.

Free Download!  The physical transformation to 'house' the soul in unprecedented ways is rapidly underway. There's no stopping this process and the only thing we can do is surrender to what is happening. There are literally layers upon layers upon layers upon layers to this process... and still more to come. The last six months have revealed more upgrades to this process. This short meditation is to assist in this process and to stabilize you. The diamond light channels are, according to Sammie, lost connections to the Diamond Sun Body which are like additional communication channels to God Source. This is advanced material but the intention of this meditation is to assist you in whatever current stage you're in. The diamond image in the video was transferred to me by Sammie.

This meditation is inspired by Sammie and the Autists of the 7 higher heavens to assist us in transitioning to this next evolutionary cycle we have entered.


At the end of 2017, our 1st Harmonic Universe (1D, 2D, 3D) was moved to the 2nd Harmonic Universe (4D, 5D, 6D). This significantly shifts our 3D reality to a higher vibration of the 2nd Harmonic Universe. Since our chakra system is actually directly connected into the dimensions (1D=1st chakra, 2D=2nd chakra, 3D=3rd chakra, etc…), this significantly alters our chakra density. Please refer to our June 21, 2019 free webinar on our YouTube Channel for more details. This shift of our reality into a higher harmonic actually has begun a process of changing our entire dimensionalized system in our universe and makes it easier to access the layers of our soul matrix, oversoul matrix, and Avatar matrix. Our dense chakra membranes are dissolving. To support this change, the Autists of the 7 higher heavens and the Council of 12 of the 12 Galactic Suns, are imprinting laws into our dimensions to assist us in stabilizing as we live through these changes. This meditation is to support this very process. Listen regularly as guided to realign yourself as these unprecedented changes continue. Even if you have already dissolved your chakra membranes, this meditation will support your stability.


Please sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Make sure you have time to integrate afterwards; at least an hour and please don’t listen to this meditation while driving or operating machinery.

The 12 dimensional avatar human blueprint is based on not just the 12 dimensions but also 12 tones or fire letters within each dimension. Each chakra of the 12 dimensional human is an access point or portal to the dimensionalized field. The root chakra is actually an access point to the 1stdimension; the sacral, the access point to the second dimension, and so on… Some traditions of the eastern esoteric teachings have taught about kundalini activations from the earth (which holds the blueprint of the avatar human) but these kundalini activations have actually been only activating a few of the tones within each dimension. In order for humanity to activate the 12 strands of DNA that is the 12 dimensional blueprint, the 12 tones or fire letters in each dimensional access point must also be activated. 


This is what is meant by the 12 subharmonic tones. The 12 tones multiplied by the 12 dimensional blueprint = the 144 fractal code to engage the human as a macrocosmic and microcosmic being. This meditation inspired by the Council of 12 of the 12 Galactic Suns is to do just that; engage those dimensional (or chakra) tones. The intention is to engage, for the body would not be able to fully activate all 12 tones or fire letters at this time. This is a meditation to be used often over several months. Refer to the image with this digital offering as a foundation and LISTEN TO YOUR INNER GUIDANCE as to how often you should use this meditation.

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