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Archangel Symbols

Symbology is a very sacred process. I have named many vibrations in this process but had not done so with archangel energies before. My guidance says that these archangel symbols are a means to transduce their energy into the physical. As more and more seem to be presenting themselves, I thought it only fitting to give them their own page. It is my honor to be able to share these with you. As always, feel what resonates for you.

Archangel Jezebiel's Symbol



Archangel Jezebiel's code is, "God loves the Human form". Her name is intentionally close to the name "Jezebel" which the west has come to associate with a fallen woman. Her divine code is here to establish the knowing that the human form is a divine creation and a miraculous one at that. Her presence as an archangel came to my awareness during the last full moon of October 16, 2016.


Her symbol, Maebala, is reminiscent of the iron cross for a divine reason. It embodies strength and conviction in the knowing, "I am a divine form created out of Love." ---smo

*Note: Click the button to view Archangel Jezebiel's full energetic image.

Archangel Jesebiel "Maebala"

Maebala. "I am a divine form created out of Love." To draw her symbol, start at top left horizontal line, then down to center, trace up line a bit and draw circle clockwise, trace back to center and draw triangle upward, to center and go clockwise to draw all triangles.

Archangel Niathulus' Symbol:


Archangel Niathulus' code is "God Flourishes". It sounds like a simple concept; of course God flourishes. We see plants thrive, children being born and growing, we have creative ideas and we are inspired into action. And yet, there is a deeper meaning and understanding of this code. It wasn't until I started drawing it and tracing it that a deeper engagement began to seep right into every fiber of my being. This symbol purposefully resembles the egg of life; a two dimensional representation of the 8 original cells after the zygote (fertilized egg) goes through 3 stages of cell division (1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8). Do an image search for 'egg of life'. Esoteric teachers such as Drunvalo Melchizedek say that these original 8 cells remain in our bodies in the area of the root chakra in their original state. Further inquiry confirmed that this symbol is engaging our DNA to assist our physical body to vibrate with the new consciousness now permeating the planet.

There is interconnectedness and an explosion of growth for all when "God Flourishes"all is swept up and made new. In the appearance of destruction and chaos, all that we need is still there if we take a moment to stay centered. Implicit in Creation is that we all Flourish together. We recognize our part and the part of others around us. We draw to us those who can synergistically co-create with our unique signature. As I traced over the image of this symbol with my fingers, I felt the deeper, unspoken meaning of its energy. It is physically engaging our DNA so that our entire being can resonate with this knowing that "God Flourishes".---smo

Archangel Niathulus Naeymya

Naeymya. Resembles the Egg of Life to engage and imprint the code "God Flourishes" right into our physical being. Meditate on it. Draw it from horizontal line on top, down, circles from center and counter clockwise. Don't worry about making it perfect. Draw it over your chakras, draw it big in front of you and step into it. Allow the divine intelligence to work through you.


Archangel Sophiel's Symbol: 



Archangel Sophiel's code is, "It is a benevolent Universe". She is here to assist us to trust and know that it is safe to be human; to allow our innocent hearts to fully open to the Creator. Our conditioning in the human form tells us otherwise. There was a day last spring when i felt so frustrated my heart was just tense and closed. I suddenly felt the beautiful presence of Archangel Sophiel melting her way through my heart with the words, "My life is Amazing". This symbol emerged from that field of dissolution. Whenever I feel myself repeating a pattern of thought that closes me down, I can say these words and I can feel myself dissolve. Whatever situation I'm in, I can acknowledge that it does not change how much I am Loved by all of Creation.---smo

Life is Amazing.  Archangel Sophiel

Zairyana: "My Life is Amazing" 

(Orbs of other Archangels and Earth spirit beings were added to enhance the experience)

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