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Archangel Sophiel

Sophiel 11/20 Post

Posted November 20, 2015

Received November 15, 2015

Divine Beings of Light,


I step forward today representing the Archangelic Realm. I come to speak to you of peace in the wake of the Paris bombings. It was a sad event and devastating to so many.  As the dimensions of your world have fully opened, we of the Angelic Realms are able to glimmer deeper into the human emotional states. Many are suffering on both sides of this tragedy.


Know that it is important now more than ever to see both sides of what has occurred in Paris. Millions in the Muslim world are also suffering; contracted in fear of retaliation, discrimination, and random acts of violence against them.


Remember that it is the same source of Light that feeds all of you.


You are all Divine Beings of Light; yes, even those who commit horrendous acts. Humanity as a collective has suffered under the belief that God is outside of you. Even though many of your religions teach that you are of the light, it has been difficult to hold this truth in your physical being. There is no judgment of this; in fact, we honor you for what you have endured and the light that permeates in spite of the separation in which you have lived.


You who are drawn to these kinds of messages have come so far. Be as neutral as you can. Neutrality does not mean you are numb and devoid of feelings but is an emanation of Divine Grace and at the deepest level, leads you back to Love.  Peace, tranquility, gentleness, softness, neutrality are all aspects of the vibration of Grace.


You have not known your world to be benevolent. In the extremes of polarity that you have lived in, good has seemed to be taken over by the “bad”; one good act being diminished or stomped out by it’s polar opposite. It is difficult to have faith in my code, “It is a benevolent universe”.


Your world has truly changed vibrationally and dimensionally, and therefore, the light that each one of you can now hold is making a difference. There is no judgment about your feelings of anger and desire for retaliation. We only ask that you recognize these for what they are; fear, confusion, and the deepest need to resolve within.


Allowing Grace to be that deep resolution and holding the code: “It is a benevolent universe” will bring peace within you and enable you to radiate this out to the world. Even if you only do this for yourself, it will make a difference.


Take time to breathe deeply, release, ground, and above all Love yourself. Loving yourself is not selfish or arrogant. It is releasing the belief that Divinity is outside you for when you can do that there is only Love from Creation that remains.


With Peace, Love, and Honor,

Susan Moon Oros for AA Sophiel and the Angelic Realm



Personal impressions on this message:

When I watched the early news reports about what had happened in Paris, I was outraged and felt with resignation that retaliation was the only solution.


Since being flooded with AA Sophiel’s energetic message on 11-15, however, I felt a sense of remorse but this is not what I felt AA Sophiel was saying. She is not saying we should not feel but understand our feelings and allow ourselves to feel a sense of resolution within.


To me, it does not mean to take a side or even criticize France for retaliating. I feel for the French. I feel for their government in the role they play to protect their citizens. There’s clearly no right answer in this. But she’s right that I also don’t want to see innocent Muslims targeted for the color of their skin or ethnicity. We’ve had too much of that on the planet. That’s just playing the same tape over again. We’re really too conscious for that, don’t you think?  


I’m not here to make a political statement but perhaps I can offer a personal resolution that may only seem to impact you but can have a deep impact both personally and collectively.


As AA Sophiel said, we have direct dimensional access to Source Light in a whole new way. The way we hold that now is making a difference. If each of us can even clear at the end of the day and go to bed holding the code: “It is a benevolent universe”, I believe we can establish that as a foundation for a new consciousness already emerging. Imagine what is possible if everyone felt with their whole being that “It is a benevolent universe”; it allays a level of fear and enables all of us to live from the knowing that there really is enough for everyone.


I have entered a Blog under Sammie’s Treasures, “You have always been multidimensional” to hopefully give you a metaphor of what it means to have all the dimensional doorways open and why it is powerful to just hold AA Sophiel’s principle.


Resolve to be the solution just for you and the rest falls into place!

And so it is!

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