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Sammie's Intentions for this site:

“See, hear, and feel her transmissions with clarity and focus.”


  • The insights, stories, and awarenesses contribute to the whole of Humanity’s Collective Consciousness to assist in our evolution as a planetary whole.


  • The energy of the words and images will be the primary mode of communication.  In other words, our hope is that you will feel the messages from the colors, the words, the images, and the symbols at a deeper level and stir the deep truth that is within you. We can give you a perspective but really and ultimately, we are each called to trust ourselves to know what’s true for us in this moment.


  • All activations from this virtual space is experienced by you  with grace, harmony, balance, and ease. And promotes wholeness within yourself.

By publicly sharing such codes and activations in this forum, we acknowledge that we do so in service to the One God, and that we receive from the universe the physical and spiritual support so that we may deliver our soul purpose. From humanity and those persons drawing from this material, we trust that all exchanges will be on a foundation of trust, honor, respect, and in accordance with the Law of One.

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