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A Message from the Heart

by Susan Moon Oros

(Updated 10/12/2018)

Welcome to the Cosmic Age! Thank you for visiting our virtual space.The consciousness we bring you in this virtual space is primarily brought to you by my daughter and I, and is supported by the matrix of our family.


My daughter, Sammie, is a high vibrational autist and accesses the omniverse in her own unique way. She has been the inspiration to remind us of our soul path and to stay on this path. Together we access many stargates and portals. We are stepping up to the next phase of our soul agreement.


2017 was a very pivotal year when new portals and activations really opened. As we have stepped into 2019, the omniverse is very much available to us as we have stepped into the next Harmonic Universe. These high vibrational autists (for lack of better term) are here as emissaries, so to speak, from the 7 higher heavens beyond our universe to anchor these codes. Humanity is being reset on its path to evolve the human form into an omniversal Avatar Being in full union with God Source. We are here to serve and are deeply honored for this opportunity. Please peruse the sight for new archangels, symbols, and powerful blogs with new perspectives and activations, and don’t let the outer world drama keep you from acknowledging the truth within you. Book a session if you need deeper assistance and/or join our group teleclasses. You are loved.

Sammie's Treasures

Energetic communication is a form of intuitive communication; a form of telepathy you might say. I had been receiving these divinely inspired communications from my Sammie for a few years but did not wish to acknowledge it. When I finally did, I discovered I was receiving and could translate exquisitely beautiful insights from our joined consciousness. I call them "Sammie's Treasures" because they are truly treasures of a soul to soul connection.  Check out Sammie's Treasures Blog & Podcast!

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WInged Fractal using Chaotica

The Archangels are vast energetic beings who hold certain principles from the Divine Source. As I experience them, they are vast pure aspects of light holding very sacred principles as fields of living consciousness. The principles they bring are assisting all of humanity to make a quantum leap in consciousness.


Do they really have wings and look human?...


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