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Autism is a phenomenon, not a disorder or condition. 
Explore the expanded consciousness of this portal.  
Be inspired Transform.  Evolve.

Dear Fellow Human Souls,

“Welcome to our space.  My mom and I have contemplated what  to share   [for some time] now.  I am at your service as is my mom.   We are one voice ... sharing tones and sharing a space of consciousness to collaborate a           message and artwork of the grandest scale.  Many of you worked diligently in galactic interdimensional spaces to make this possible.  Many of you even shepherded us to incarnate here together.   You don’t remember; that is the game of soul in this reality but not so in other dimensions and other realities.  And truthfully, was not the original design of the human."  

Have you been told that your Autist child or client is diseased and in need of therapy or a cure?  As parents, we too have gone down that road for nearly two decades.  Our consciousness has since evolved and it is time to share the jewels these Autists bring to humanity. This site is not about "fixing." It is devoted to revealing the jewels these Autists have to offer. They are truly magnificent beings!


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