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Activate Your Light Body.  Spring Equinox Meditation (3-21-19)

Activate Light Body

In this meditation we'll be activating the 13 spheres of the Soul Tree, or Light Body Tree, as Sammie is calling it that connects to the 12 chakras of the Avatar Human. We'll be using this diagram to also activate the 12 Laws from the Council of12. You can also refer to our blog post, The 12 Dimensional Laws of the Galactic Suns, for more details about what these Laws mean.

{Cover artwork “Meditator Flame” V068, by Daniel B. Holeman",}

Prep Earth Star

Prep for 11/11/2018 New Earth Star Activation

Prep for 11/11/2018 New Earth Star Activation

Since January of 2017, we have been in a phase of very accelerated ascension - for lack of a better description. It is happening so rapidly that it is difficult to even describe in words. Many are feeling it - some more extremely than others. We have been sharing what we have been guided to offer. Very simply put, we are in a new harmonic universe and the laws which have governed our physical matter is undergoing rapid disintegration while new architecture is being built. This is very hard to believe when the outside world looks very much the same; this is Divine Grace in action. The Earth herself is undergoing rapid ascension and a New Earth Star has been born. This is a very important connection as a human being. It connects us to all her earth realms. These two meditations explain more. If you plan to join us for our 11/11 Earth Star activation, we recommend you listen to these audio versions from our You Tube channel at least once to acclimate to the powerful energy process we will be using for the activation.

Ignite Your Oversoul, by MoonOrosOne & Marla Ima Shanti

Did you know that there is actually one human soul? One massive Soul that is the Divine Human Blueprint from which our "individuated" Soul is connected through the heart which is connected to the high heart or 8th chakra at the thymic area. This 8th dimensional access point connects us to this Human Oversoul which is "trying" to engage each of you. Marla Ima Shanti and I joined our consciousness to bring this meditation to you to ignite that Oversoul connection and balance with all aspects of your being that you have available to you now. Listen often for deeper levels of activation. Now is the time to surrender to your Divinity! Note that some traditional Reiki symbols are used but they will feel different as Sammie and I have our attunement method.

Ignite Your Oversoul - MoonOrosOne & Marla Ima Shanti
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Resolve the Ego Matrix, by MoonOrosOne

This meditation engages the antiparticle and antimatter substances from the newly forming Earth Star or 12th Chakra to resolve the ego matrix made up of the lower 3 chakras. It is this ego matrix which keeps much of humanity stuck in belief systems and foundations that are rapidly dissolving. As the very state of our matter is released, it is now easier to clear, dissolve, and release ourselves from what is completed but the human mind must also be willing to trust what is happening. Let this energy process assist you. Whether you are just "awakening" or have been adjusting for the last several years, this meditation will assist you to make the transition with more ease. Listen often.

Resolve the Ego Matrix - MoonOrosOne
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