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Featured Archangel


Archangel Jezebiel is the latest archangel who has stepped into this reality. Her code is, "God loves the Human form". Her name purposefully is very close to "Jezebel". Her energy is precisely to "insert" a new code right into our physiology. The belief that the human form is "ungodly" or a "fall from grace" has been perpetuated during this last epoch of human evolution. Misogyny has especially been an unconscious influence on the planet; just look at the latest presidential race underway at the time of this posting.

Archangel Jezebiel is not here to "transmute" or "transcend" the belief system that was, but instead is part of the new platform currently under construction. It was clear to me that her energy be presented in this web based media in the energy of this new moon. As I began "drawing" to capture her energetic code, I did not know what would emerge. When the general image appeared, I was struck by the look of a butterfly. I had actually started with the thought of "drawing" an angel with wings. 

The color of the "wings" actually represent some of the colors of the new flower of life now on the planet. My guidance says that Gaia will activate the flower of life for the entire planet some time after 2020. The energy, however, is already influencing life on this planet and Archangel Jezebiel is playing her part. It then seems very fitting that her image is in the form of a butterfly as she is imbedding a whole new belief about the human body as we birth a new human. --smo (10/30/2016)

Archangel Jezebiel

Click the button to view Archangel Jezebiel's symbol, Maebala.

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