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Dear Human Family


There are no words to express the magnitude of what is currently in process. The momentum of this ascension is exponentially increasing and it’s becoming even more apparent that our words fall short. However, we can bring through the energy of what is transpiring and bring analogies to help our human minds understand at that deepest soul level.


Last week there was a huge, massive wave that came through from the 7 higher heavens where our highest vibrating Autists are from. This wave contains very, very refined “information” from what I can only call the “Formless One” that is the God Source; deeper than the void, deeper than the Zero Point Field. Our Autists of the 12 Galactic Suns can access this level of “information” because their souls are amongst the first born souls. And because they are here, they are able to “pull through” these waves of new codes of information.


As I prepare for our upcoming teleclass beginning in just two days, March 11, 2019, I am learning even more about the soul as an emanation, the layers of geometries and matrices that the soul emanates through and the breath from Formlessness that is breathing through the layers upon layers of the Creational Omniversal Matrix. I am really feeling the magnitude of what it means to all be connected, literally! And the Soul Tree of the Light Body that is breathing new dynamic codes through the light body to animate our Collective Human Soul Matrix (Oversoul) and thus our personal Soul Matrix.


Sammie is showing me an expanded Soul Tree, which interestingly has the shape of the Herkimer diamond and has 18 facets. The spheres of the light body has a geometry that accesses through the layers of matrices, which is bringing in your personal codes to activate the soul matrix and thus is the instruction set to manifest your body. The music of these spheres is Exquisite!


Through visuals and co-created consciousness space, we will be guiding participants to see themselves as a unique Soul Emanation imprinted with the God Source Breath for each persons soul mission for this incarnation. We’ll be activating the light body, making adjustments as needed, activating a Diamond Sun Chakra or Diamond Dragon Chakra (for those part of the dragon lineage – I’m seeing that the dragon has to do with a particular type of breath from Formlessness) 18 inches below the feet of the light body.


For those who are already registered, be prepared to be a bit dizzy afterward if we haven’t activated those in private sessions.


In brief, the 7 sessions will be structured as Part 1 – Video to present visuals, Part 2 – audio meditation so you can just repeat the meditations in the future.


*I am also being guided by this Autist Collective to present an analogy of what it means to be from the 7 higher heavens. Additionally, we will be working with an 18 pointed star that will connect you deeper with your child at the soul level or if you’re a professional, to connect with the Autist Collective of the 7 higher heavens.


This is monumental stuff! Join us if you feel ready!


Building Your Human Soul Vessel: Deeply transform your physical body based on the 12 Laws of the 12 Galactic Suns


Start Date: 3/11/2019, Monday

Time: 6pm PST – 7:30pm PST

Location: Meet from your chosen space via Zoom Teleconference


All sessions will be recorded if you can't make it live and you will receive the link to download within 24 hours after the class.


This is an advanced energetic class so please ask your highest avatar self if this series is in alignment with you now. We will likely offer this class again in the fall. We also recommend that you have listened to the free meditations we did Dec 1-Dec13, 2018 to feel into the energetics of what we're offering. And naturally, we will also make energetic adjustments to the class based on the participants.


If you are feeling like your physical body is rapidly changing but this class is not right for you in this moment, then you can book individual sessions. I am offering a 3 session discount but can only offer it to a couple of people at a time. Light body activation and adjustment is very important right now.


If you are interested in the class but are uncertain if it is right for you, email me for a 15 minute consult.

Building your human soul vessel

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