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Symbols & Geometries
(updated 1/28/2017)
Symbols and geometries are forms of light language. I first encountered symbols in July of 2009. I was not familiar with symbols as ways of activating energy and this was before I had been attuned to practice reiki which uses symbols. After those initial symbols, more and more symbols began to come into my awareness and they each had a powerful vibration. Some time after 2013, my awareness of vibratory fields increased and I found I could name them with a "traditional" name and also give them a name in the form of a symbol. It is like plucking a vibration from the infinite realms of the All That Is. Each time I named them, they would come alive and their power would intensify. There is divine intelligence to each one and each has a "tendency" and "personality"; meaning there is a general sense of when and how to use them. As others who use symbols will tell you, often times, there is no need to inquire what exactly is happening. It is divine intelligence at work. 
The Great Spirit is always whispering to us. The infinite whispers are frequencies and vibrations. The act of naming and symbolizing makes them tangible and "real" in this physical expression. It also enables us to pass them on so that others can utilize the sacred vibration and we can have a common form of light language. I have many, many symbols in my repertoire which includes elemental spirits, devas, cosmic energies, mystical creatures, multiverse vibrations, and angelic energies. These vibrations of light are important for these changing times. Feel. Release. Be. Let the Love permeate your heart. We are held in divine wings of Grace to carry us through.
Sammie and I have also developed an attunement method to symbols based on the 20 pointed star icosahedron and Sammie's multi-verse symbols which we hope to be able to offer in the near future. In any event, these symbols are still useable in alignment with your soul imprint and where you are in your state of expanded consciousness.
*Please use discretion. In the world of energy and using light codes, more does not always mean better and I recommend you give yourself 48 hours to adjust to the energy. We will be posting one symbol at a time and the intention is that they will work with you with grace and ease and according to your own soul blueprint. The power of these symbols will depend on your intention of love and gratitude from your heart.
**Use caution when using symbols or any form of energetic modalities with a child who is already energetically highly sensitive such as our children diagnosed as autistic.--smo
"The Law of the ONE must be the Law of the Many"

Two weeks ago during the last new moon I felt the intense energy of this liquid white gold with this symbol in the center. The words, "The Law of the One must be the Law of the Many" kept reverberating in my body as I felt my entire body filling up with this liquid white gold. 


At first glance, the phrase, “The Law of the ONE must be the Law of the Many” seems obvious. People must obey the law of our Creator and the thought, “There will be retribution if they don’t”  arises from the egoic perspective but this IS NOT the meaning of this image.


The Law of One says we are one with the Creator and one with all matter –  organic and inorganic for it is ALL Creator and we vibrate with Creation. There’s nothing that is not God, Source, the ALL That Is and so the first aspect we must work with in this symbol is to become One with ourselves. It brings up all the ways in which we are “un-whole”; our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions, etc… It is the essence that calls us home to our true nature connected to Source and vibrating as a field of Source Consciousness.


Inherent in knowing and vibrating as an aspect of Source Consciousness is Self Love. When you know that every quantum space of you has been breathed into form by the Creator, then how can you be anything less than Love? Self love is the beginning of Unity Consciousness.


Inherent in this image is deep love and compassion. It is not an edict or command put forth to frighten people into obedience but a call home to unify with your soul and the Soul of Humanity based in Love.


For those of you drawn to work with this image, it will feel as though you are being immersed in a deep pool of liquid love. There are actually three layers to this image.  The symbol is etched in a top layer of White Liquid Gold, a second layer of ‘Yellowy’ Liquid Gold, and the third layer in the back is Black Liquid Gold. The three layers work together like a candle being burned from both ends. We manifest from the interplay of – dark matter, dark energy, antimatter holding a matrix for the light to manifest. It is also the macrocosmic aspects of yourselves fractalizing to free you down to the microcosmic levels. The liquid is completely engulfing.


The Law of the ONE must be the Law of the Many

Pay neutral attention to the thoughts that arise throughout the day, the emotions, the reactions you gravitate towards – these are indicators of what is arising to be resolved. Many of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have been scripted to us by the larger society and ancestral lineage. Often, our parents and grandparents were only acting according to what they were taught and was handed down.


If you are drawn to do so, meditate by pulling up the image and allow yourself to feel the energy of it. There is no judgment from Creation; only the judgment you place on yourself.

We have entered a time where it will become increasingly uncomfortable to be inauthentic - meaning living against this Divine Law and against your true  soul nature for this incarnation. On a national and global scale, it will even bring up those areas where we have lived 'un-true' to the ideals the nation has set for itself. This is also happening on a global scale and will ensue in more chaos. Stay focused on building authentic self-love which translates to treating others with compassion and living with integrity.

Law of One
Cho-Ana: Gateway to the Great Central Sun

One early morning in February 2010, I awoke to a symbol being drawn in my mind's eye to the words, "From the heavens, it comes down to man". I didn't quite know what was happening at the time and it was a couple of years later that I learned it is the symbol that connects us to our Great Central Sun which my greater beingness says is the grandmother of our universe. Even if you are not trained in using symbols, you can use the symbol to meditate. Draw it on your hands. Draw it on your 7 body chakras or all your chakras beyond the 7 and be open to what happens. If you feel light headed or dizzy, draw an energetic line from the heart chakra all the way down into the center of the earth. Or, hold a grounding rock or crystal when using the symbol. Also give time for your body to integrate the energy in the beginning. Remember, more often does not mean better.

Cho-Ana notes

If you're looking for the Archangel Symbols, a new page has been added.

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