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"Evolutionary Healer" Virtual Summit Meditation Gift

Hear Sammie's powerful light language in the background!

Listen to 2 minute sample

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Balance & harmonize Your Multidimensional Self

We are excited to launch this particular meditation as it features Sammie's light language in the background throughout!

This meditation harmonizes and balances all aspects of your multidimensional and interdimensional being with the cosmic openings that are rapidly underway. In this meditation, we use two symbols that Sammie telepathically transmitted to me in 2011, Zekoru and Sokura. We incorporated Sammie’s light language vocals in the background to enhance the energetic process.


Zekoru is a cosmic energy that brings coherence to the multidimensional field that is now open to us. Sammie says it will assist in balancing a person’s opening and expanding awareness and help bring stability as you continue to expand in consciousness.


Sokura is a cosmic energy that opens the interdimensional fields and assists to balance all facets of your interdimensional being.


During my early days of awakening, Sammie showed me that we are multidimensional. Even if you believe yourself to only be a 3D human, think about what that means. You are a first, second, and third-dimensional human, and therefore you are multidimensional. She showed me it’s impossible NOT to be multidimensional. She showed me the example of a kaleidoscopic image and that energetically, we are that kaleidoscopic mandala. The patterns are the weaving of dimensional and interdimensional spaces. As we shift in consciousness and our soul is connecting to our physical body in new ways, the pattern like a kaleidoscope changes. We have to keep balancing and re-aligning as the pattern changes and stay in the ebb and flow of the ever-opening cosmos.


Whether you’ve been on this awakening path for a while or new to ascension, this is a meditation you’ll want to repeat as your ascension process continues. ~Susan Moon Oros

Sokura Symbol



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