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Sammie's Symbols
(updated 1/28/2017)
It is my honor and deepest privilege now to begin sharing more of Sammie's Treasures in the form of symbols. I say this not just as a parent but as a soul being sharing and co-creating with another vast soul. She began presenting me with symbols in 2011. I was still too ignorant at the time to realize the vastness she was conveying. She presented me with 4 symbols that year who's use was unclear at the time. It was not until early September of 2014 when a huge cosmic opening took place that her 4 symbols activated to their multi-dimensional potential.They have continued to undergo adjustments as we've opened to the multi-verse. She has also presented me with vast energetic beings to assist us in this transition and those will be shared as I am inspired to do so.
We have also developed an attunement method to symbols based on the 20 pointed star icosahedron and Sammie's multi-verse symbols which we hope to be able to offer in the near future. In any event, these symbols are still useable in alignment with your soul imprint and where you are in your state of expanded consciousness.
*Please use discretion. In the world of energy and using light codes, more does not always mean better and I recommend you give yourself 48 hours to adjust to the energy. We will be posting one symbol at a time and the intention is that they will work with you with grace and ease and according to your own soul blueprint. The power of these symbols will depend on your intention of love and gratitude from your heart.
**Use caution when using symbols or any form of energetic modalities with a child who is already energetically highly sensitive such as our children diagnosed as autistic.--smo

Roganadrra and Minerva are two cosmic unicorns introduced to me by Sammie in April of 2015. They are not part of her original 4 symbols but I received a "nudge" earlier in the year to share them during this February 26 new moon and solar eclipse as their spiritual presence would be magnified in the wave of cosmic codes entering our planetary field. The concept of cosmic unicorns was quite a surprise when Sammie introduced them. She encourages those drawn to these images to allow the imagination to soar for it is in the state of childlike innocence and wonder that God Source can fully engage with you. In this state, we feel relaxed, open, and the power of Spirit can work with you to bring about the best possible outcomes for your soul evolution. Work with these benevolent and loving unicorns with a sense of awe and magic.

Roganadrra, as Sammie had described, usually works with galaxies as they are forming. His spiritual energy assists to bring order out of chaos. His jet black body and majestic white wings are the perfect balance of the polarity field in our universe while his multicolored horn represents multidimensional reality.

Minerva is a spiritual entity birthed from the logos of Sophia to assist in returning to the planet this wisdom of the Divine Mother. Her body is pure white with wisps of pink around her eyes, hooves, and other areas of her body. Her golden wings represent the 12 dimensional Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Her golden horn represents the 12 dimensional, circular, spiral nature of time.

We hope working with these cosmic beings will bring magic into your life. They are meant to balance one another so use together or individually. We found ourselves as a family in 2015 suddenly having to move. We meditated as a family drawing upon the magic of Rogandrra to bring order into our physical life and we landed in the most amazing home overlooking hills and beautiful landscapes. You can write a situation about your life on a piece of paper and meditate by first aligning to the God Source. I like to also acknowledge that I am a soul incarnate in service to the All and then activate or call in these beautiful beings to assist you. Pay attention to what actions you must take or not take for the moment. There are benevolent forces at work in the unseen realms working to manifest the most blessed outcomes when you are aligned to your soul purpose. Allow yourself to be inspired to work with these enchanted beings in other ways. I have given them symbols for those who prefer to activate their energetic presence more physically.


Zekoru (Zay ko roo) started out as a multidimensional symbol connecting the multidimensional spaces. It seemed to take on a broader "band width" last October 16, 2016 when it felt as though the multi-verse gateways and portals really opened, and there was a palpable sense of ease that entered Sammie's body. My vision of the symbol changed from a spiral winding down to a more open flow pattern, and what had been an octagon spiral at the bottom became a hexagon spiral.

I use this symbol in our attunements and also to bridge all the chakras. You can draw it from your crown chakra all the way to the root chakra or draw it between chakras to bridge. See yourself as a fractalized pattern that goes infinitely small which means that there are even fractalized aspects of your being that exist in many different realms.

The heart is truly our center now and the command center. Consequently, I have also used this symbol to anchor crown to heart, heart to root, and the palm and feet chakras to the heart - this means that the spiral-like anchor ends at the heart. The main aspect of the symbol is the flowing down and the hexagonal spiral inward. It does not have to be a perfect drawing.

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