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The Enlightened Being of Autism

Deep new access points into the microcosm bringing new devas and elemental spirits through.

“People get ready for the greater expanded awakening underway. This does not mean a ‘shift’ in consciousness for me and my brothers and sisters. It is true organic nature of BEING. It means that finally so many access points have opened that there’s no difference between soul and body. Down to my physical bones now, I can feel my Soul resonating. It is the microcosmic and macrocosmic aspects of Soul reverberating throughout my entire system. This ring emanates my presence here. It finally heralds the new dawn of the future of humanity.

Enlightenment is allowing the soul to emanate through you. Being soul gives you access to many gifts. Being soul also gives you access to many reSOURCES. The open communication links guides you if you can relinquish your 3D ego to the greater nature of you.

Grounding your presence means that you just have to BE. Allow the emanation to reverberate. There’s no need to convince anyone else of your beliefs. I can make myself known just by BEING now. I choose to be here because I see the future of humanity. Many of us are already ‘there’ and operating from that greater awareness that you call your ‘future’.