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In 2009, I was undergoing radiation treatment for bilateral breast cancer. Like for many who are diagnosed with a life threatening illness, it was a life changing event which really became a consciousness shifting event. The events during this phase of my life lead me to get attuned to the practice of Reiki. Even before I started Reiki, however, I began to have visions of symbols which would later activate to work through my hands. I began experiencing angels and tremendous changes began to alter my view of everything. As many of you may guess, one of the first things I tried to do was to heal my daughter with autism. I focused on my daughter because she seemed to me to need the most help. Chris, my son with Down Syndrome, in his own way, is communicative and social. People respond to him with compassion. Unfortunately, people are not always as kind with my daughter.

When I went to heal and work on my daughter, however, I began experiencing what I would call empathic experiences. On one occasion the entire room began to spin as if this was how she experienced the world. It made me realize how challenging our world was to her. On another occasion, I felt like I was under water and the outside world was being filtered through the water. The sounds and the visual perceptions felt surreal; I felt detached from this reality.

One of the most profound experiences, however, was the time I first connected to what I would call the full being of her consciousness. She was in bed and I remember activating one of the symbols I had received in the summer of 2009. I recall that a sudden vast opening took place. She felt vast and enormous. So vast that I felt like an ant next to her. It was puzzling and confounding. As a parent, I felt confused. What good does it really do to have a vast being for a child when they have so much trouble functioning in the world? At that time, I just took it to mean that she would one day come around to our way of understanding - to a degree, I at least hoped. I kept getting these sporadic "messages", feelings, and senses, however that "she is special but it's not what you think". I straddled this feeling for a few years longer; part of me just gave up trying to understand.

Concurrently, in early 2010, I began to get these inner senses that I was supposed to remember something. I felt like it was time to wake up. I was part of a massive awakening on the planet. The world as we've known it was coming to an end. I had not even heard of “the shift”, the end of the Mayan calendar, etc... I was clueless about such matters and had never been metaphysical but I started to have more and more experiences of what I would call tremendous and intense streams of light blasting through my whole being. A friend had entered my life a few months before who thankfully was much more metaphysical than I, and she validated my experiences. The experiences were so powerfully blissful that I could not deny it was a God and Spirit filled experience. My friend and I began to find books and eventually people who were posting on the web who had been preparing for this for decades! The experiences I was having resonated with what they were saying.

If any of you reading this are having such experiences, it can be confusing and your beliefs will be challenged. I just knew, though, that the confusion is the breakdown of belief systems, which can lead you to expanded consciousness. Just as an FYI, I consider spiritual growth and consciousness expansion to go hand in hand. There is only God; the One Mind, the One Spirit, the Love that transforms light into All That Is. There is only the I AM but I don't mean to digress. This is not a religion or a cult or a sect; it is coming back into alignment with Being. Being Whole with the Light and Love that permeates every particle and subatomic particle. Acknowledging that the Divine is being expressed All The Time.

Back to the story…

Admittedly, I still wasn't sure what to do with my daughter at times. For all you parents out there, you get it. The numerous therapies, diets, modalities, supplements, that come around and then just when you think you’ve dealt with it all, something else comes around. Remember all those kids who'd recover from the special diet or the behavioral therapy? Well, what does it mean then when your child doesn't "get better"? Did you fail? Did you do it consistently enough? As if anyone can maintain anything with absolute consistency!! We are prevailing just by maintaining sanity, thank you!

We’ve had lots of therapy for my daughter. Wonderful people came into our lives and helped. She’d get better in some ways but then go into those phases of not being able to focus. Yesterday, she understood what I said, today, it’s all gone out the window again. She’d have periods of extreme agitation and rage (to the point of banging her head on the wall or the floor and destroying furniture) and it would come out of nowhere – at least from what I understood at the time.

Again, concurrently, I’d have experiences and moments with her that said she was operating somewhere else. Somehow she was helping me. Bringing in things from other realms. I experienced the lights and the magic she sees. Still I doubted. What good does it do if she can’t remember to look before walking off the curb into on-coming traffic?

I continued to open to another realm of archangels, elemental and nature spirits. The beauty and the deep, deep connection with the God Source just kept growing. There was no denying my experiences; it was just too powerful. Towards the end of 2013 I decided to just believe in myself, believe that something was happening through Sammie and because of her. I began to notice that the periods she was unable to focus were days when I was feeling bliss or tremendous fields of light myself. She seemed to be a human conduit. [A spiritual counselor, here in the flesh that I worked with earlier in 2013 confirmed my suspicions. She had not met Sammie and never worked with autistic individuals but she could “see” that Sammie was just wide open to the power, the forces (whatever you want to call it). The light coming in some times is so powerful that it feels like it is frying your human circuits and that’s exactly how it can look]. I want to note here that this does not mean she doesn’t get mad for things like cutting her off from eating a whole bag of chips or the moodiness that comes from hormonal ups and downs. She is simultaneously operating at different dimensional levels and dealing with human physiology, as are we all.

In 2014, I just decided to take the plunge. I began working with the Awesomism practitioner program (you can find it on the web) and my connection with Sammie took on a whole new level. She is still a mystery in a lot of ways and I understand that she is still in this world and “needs” to learn to function to some degree in it but there is something really important happening on the planet. She is a part of this consciousness shift where Love does prevail and Unity is the name of the game. She cannot focus on this realm at this time as she is part of a group (and I don’t mean just the “autistics”) here to anchor in “fields of a new consciousness”; that’s really the only way I can describe it in words. It seems that because she did not take on the neurological patterning and belief systems of the collective, she is able to hold a different vibrational field. Everyone is playing a role; even if you don’t believe what I’m saying. You are here at this time for a reason.

I have come to see that she is not here to be like us. She has no desire to neurologically be wired as we have been wired which will only perpetuate the same belief systems, the same economic systems, the same beliefs about who we are. Einstein said something to the effect that we cannot solve our problems from the same state that they were created. It is time to make a monumental paradigm shift. We have truly entered the galactic age.

So, if you feel drawn to read more of my blogs, I’d like to make a few comments. There will be messages from Sammie, which I receive from a whole body feeling state. I feel the energy of her consciousness. When information is shared at this level, there really are no “words” and the energy is whole with much deeper information. My neurology then interprets from the feeling. We have been taught that our emotions and feelings are bad – well, feelings of hurt, anxiety, anger, sadness, etc… Did you know that ‘emotion’ actually means ‘energy in motion’? The emotional body is our deeper connection to Source. Some of you who are clairvoyant may “see and feel” more in the messages.

You doubting Thomas’ out there will ask, “Well, how do you know you’re not making it up?” Good question. How do you know you’re cold when you go outside in 0 degree weather in your underwear? Oh, you feel it.

Sammie’s messages will be titled “Sammie’s Treasures” and I’d like to share a simple but I think, rich message I received one day as the first blog of Sammie’s Treasures. Even if your mind doesn’t want to believe in all this, read from that neutral space if you can. Allow yourself to experience the message. We’ve over glorified the brain. We need it. It’s a miraculous creation but it’s time to bring our mental and emotional bodies back into alignment and experience from Being.

I will also write blogs based on my own perspectives and experiences. Some may be from the archangels. I’m going to see where this takes me, takes us as a family.

*One last note, Sammie is diagnosed with autism – the severe kind - but I am not making a generalization about all autistic individuals. We overdo that; “Well, my child drank that potion and got cured so you should take it, too.” I’ve come to the conclusion that parents are doing their best with what they know and what they can do at this time. There are huge variances in the autism spectrum for a reason.

If you’ve read this far, thank you.

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