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Light Immersions

This section is devoted to recorded energy sessions. I call them 'Light Immersions' because for me they can be like taking a bath in exquisite light. There will also be sessions to assist in the integration of the new vibrations of light streaming in.

A personal note:

A year ago on Nov 7, 2014, during a meditation, I suddenly found myself energetically holding a Star Icosahedron in my hands like a ball. Looking back, Nov 6, 2014 was the Full Moon and here I am today engaging the Star Icosahedron in the New Moon energy of 11-11. Who would have known?


This featured Light Immersion/Energy process is to engage the Star Icosahedron as our new Merkaba or human energy matrix. There are two other geometries to engage in the body before fully activating the Star Icosahedron and I want to take a moment here to acknowledge my daughter, Sammie, who has been showing me each step and is actually one of the individuals physically bringing in the matrix. A physical human brings in new information/codes to make it "real" in this dimensional realm. As Divine Expressions of Light that we are, can it be any other way?


I take a moment here to offer my deep, deep love, gratitude, and respect for Sammie, the vast dimensional being.

Activating the Star Icosahedron as Our New Human Matrix
Full Activation of Star Icosahedron - by Susan Oros
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What is a human matrix? The human matrix is an energetic geometric light container which holds our entire being; the physical, spiritual, soul, mental, and emotional aspects of us. We are much more than the physical body. 


What is the human matrix we have been operating from? The star tetrahedron which two dimensionally looks like the Star of David has been our human matrix. The matrix holds light codes which direct the devas and elemental spirits of the earth how to activate the RNA and DNA to form the human as we have known. This matrix has served us well for the evolutionary phase we have lived in but as we are changing to physically hold awareness of higher dimensional aspects of our being, the physical human template must change to account for a human who can vibrate at very different frequencies and hold awareness at very different levels. The Earth herself as a galactic being has changed already and if we are to continue to be a part of the earth, then a new human is required. Some have coined the term "homo-luminous".


The Star Icosahedron, from the dimensional information I have received, is the new human energetic matrix. The logo for this website is a two dimensional representation of the star Icosahedron. It is actually a 20 pointed star. In the summer of 2014, I began to become aware of different aspects of this star from my daughter's energy field. Aspects such as the pentagon and five pointed star are embedded in the complex matrix of the star icosahedron. You can easily do an image search and peruse the different views.


All along this past year, I have been pushed to engage different geometires of the star icosahedron for just this moment. The recording to activate it includes the different stages. The new moon will amplify it's power.


The process has a few major components and I would like to note here that there are natural breaks and grounding for those of you new to this type of energy work. Integrate each part so it feels comfortable and coherent before moving to the next part. That could mean several days, weeks, or perhaps even longer. The new planetary energy and consciousness has engaged. If you feel this and it resonates for you, then continue. If my work here doesn't feel right, you might find another light worker doing similar work or have deeper explanations to your questions. I am working from a new platform that may not answer all your questions.


The general steps to activating the Star Icosahedron using the recorded light process below:

(Note: this process uses a 14 chakra system)


1. Center in the heart chakra and ground to the earth star


2. Clear the seven major body chakras and reset them calling in the energy of AA Sophiel and return them to a state of pure innocence. Imbed the code "It is a benevolent universe". Ground. You can stop here.


3. Activate the 7 cosmic chakras "above" the head. Clear and reset if needed with AA Sophiel's energy again. There's an opportunity in the recording to ground and stop at the 12th chakra then again after activating the 13ht and 14th chakras.


4. Engage new connections from the heart to the crown, the palms of hands, and the feet chakras. This forms an energetic pentagon with the heart in the center.

 It will make sense in the energy work.

Ground. You can stop here.


5. Engage the bone matrix. This was a surprise to me but that is the info I received that the bones have their own matrix.  The bones are the densest part of our bodies so it is only fitting that they change if we are vibrationally changing. Ground. You can stop here.




6. Activate the full 20 pointed Star Icosahedron which encompasses our entire 14 chakra system.  This gives us a deeper awareness of our varrious multi-dimensional aspects in the human form; such as our mental, emotional and light bodies, soul and spiritual essences and beyond.  We are all divinely unique and this is new territory.  So, how quickly we change and the intuitive insights that come will be individually determined.  


I use this image as a guide to activate the points

(though only 10 points are shown, 20 points are activated in the recording):


So, if and when you're ready, here is the energy process.


20 Point Star Icosahedron
Activate Star Icos
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