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Sammie's Treasures #3: "Creation is Breathing"


This next blog post came about rather inadvertently. I was actually pondering and asking for help in understanding Sammie’s day to day challenges. The information has been, let’s say, trickling in. She gives me information energetically with images, sensations, and words that arise. Some of it seemed so outlandish that it has taken me a couple of months to sit down and put it onto “paper”.

I want to emphasize at the outset that much of the concepts she is putting forth feels very new so I will be using words that are familiar to us but she emphasizes not to get attached to the words because so much is changing.

“The great chasm is opening”, I feel her saying now as I type. “The great chasm is full of new possibilities and varieties that the human species has never known. Do not fear this chasm that feels like empty space within. See it as the emptying so that the new can fill you. This new is the stuff of Grace and Love”

I had an interesting experience with Sammie a few days before Christmas. I suddenly saw her whole body appear before me like a hologram. In this image, appeared a honeycomb pattern and within each individual honeycomb were different faces. They seemed to be representations of her dimensional aspects. One of those faces popped out and I felt this “being” jump into my throat chakra and merge with the throat chakra. I share this, because her consciousness is flowing through me as I write this message. More and more she is using my physical being to transmit information. The throat chakra is also about creative expression so an aspect of her being is energetically flowing through my hands.

For those of you who may have watched Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series years ago, you might remember the story of Flatland. If you don’t know it, here is a quick link to the Youtube video. This analogy struck me so powerfully as a teenager that it stayed with me. Consider that what I am about to share is that Square trying to interpret a multi-dimensional perspective about the microcosm. Metaphors are used to help us understand in a way that is familiar to us but the deeper consciousness of the information goes beyond the words and concepts our minds can currently understand.

I am not a formal educated scientist but I will be conveying information that science has

been exploring. I consider this neither scientific information nor spiritual information because for me, I no longer see the difference. This is awareness about Consciousness, Creation, and our relationship to our universe which I hope will add to the collective transformation. Many more questions arise from this blog. For some, it may feel incomplete but that is rightly so because to rationally tie it up from the same mindset we have been operating from is to limit ourselves from the vast new information arising. Sammie wants to add:

“Don’t get hung up on the words. Refer back to the previous blog, ‘You have always been multi-dimensional’ and imagine yourself to be the kaleidoscope, and that there are infinitely smaller fractals of yourself submerged in this reality.”

I use the term “Soul Vibrational Consciousness and Soul” interchangeably and I mean it in the broadest sense possible at this time. Also, “microcosm” and “subatomic” are synonymous until we can get a better understanding of the microcosm.

Sammie views the “microcosm” as a universe. Her mastery is in the microcosmic universe. Therefore, allow this information to be a perspective from the microcosm.

All of the information that Sammie usually shares comes in all at once and with really no linear progression for this is the way Beingness is experienced outside of time. So, I am essentially weaving the pieces together to, hopefully, present a coherent flow of information that can then enable our human minds to understand metaphorically. Again, this information is more of an energetic consciousness transmission and for those who can resonate with it, will understand as ‘a-ha’ moments and deep heart-felt understanding.

The ‘Impulses’ of Creator

This information is intended to be part of a new foundation to understand ourselves and how our interaction with the microcosm creates the manifested reality that we know.

God Source or Creator creates out of Love. Infused in this Love is Spiritual Desire to flourish and know, therefore, Creation is expansion and a cosmic dance woven together. The Great I AM seeks to know all, feel all, experience all that is sent forth. In a sense, we experience ‘the sending forth’ as flourishing, expansion, movement… However, Creator also has an intrinsic desire to experience it ALL – every particle, every minute detail. In this, we can see the connectedness and the Cosmic fingers extending out (almost like electrical fingers going out; a nervous system if you will) and a simultaneous drawing in to feel it, know it, touch it, sense it, experience it ALL (the magnetic draw). And since Soul is imprinted with divinity, it carries with it this Divine Impulse.

Metaphorically, it is like a cosmic nervous system sent forth for Creator to experience; an ‘energy in motion’, ‘e-motion’. However, there had to be another energetic stream to interrupt the first energetic cord otherwise this expansion outward would have continued with no end and the experience could not be contemplated without this ‘interference’. I had a flash of insight one morning that perhaps our nervous system is modeled after this. I recall from my college biology class that nerve cells transmit electrical signals which is interrupted by a gap whereby a neurotransmitter such as endorphins, essentially a chemical, then carries the signal to the next nerve cell to continue the transmission by an electric current; electric-chemical-electric-chemical, etc… is the pattern.

From this, there is the connection of how the mental and emotional bodies came to be. The mental aspect was really meant to be a “mechanism” to ponder the experience, and bring awareness back to Creator. One of the most powerful things Sammie said to me in early 2014 was that her mental and emotional bodies are one.

“This is why the mental and emotional bodies are really one”, says Sammie. “It was meant to be a feedback loop. Humanity lost its way when the mental and emotional bodies began to be seen as separate. The microcosmic realm permeates every fiber of your being as a human.”

(FYI, this is something we learn in Awesomism – that the mental and emotional bodies are one and that at some point in humanity’s past, we stopped informing Source. I got the same info here from Sammie in a slightly different way).

As I begin to see my physical being as a vessel for God infused expression, the more I see my experiences as an extension of Creator. Experience and contemplation allow the flow to return to Creator. With the mental and emotional bodies acting as one, I can begin to see divine inspired choices rather than a disconnected unit only knowing socially constructed reactions. I am receiving information from Creator because now the feedback loop is intact. I can see my physical vessel as truly a microcosmic vessel of Creator and I am always one with this Source Consciousness. (And, I admit, I don't do this perfectly yet). Sammie is saying:

“The Holy Trinity was meant to reflect this; Source sends forth to experience all Its Creations and another stream interrupts this stream to contemplate the experience, and the information relayed back to inform Source.”

-- (Metaphorically speaking, I also see the original aspect of a triangle that is formed.)

For the sake of brevity, when the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves became disconnected in the human, the mental body became the predominant mode of understanding everything. And when this happened, the e-motions were misunderstood and became trapped. Eruptions of e-motions came became violent and out of control. The mental mind associated with the physical left brain became the dominant mode of sensory regulation. Innate telepathy was lost as well as the oneness with the earth and environment. Dominating became the primary mode of maintaining safety.

Because we are microcosmically “in-formed and re-formed” continuously, the energetic patterns we created from the mental mind and the suppressed emotions became infused into the microcosm and became so entwined and entangled, that the deep experiential information stopped flowing back to Creator. From my limited perspective, it’s like a black ball of yarn that got so entangled in itself that it could no longer see the light.

“This is an analogy of the subconscious”, says Sammie. "And it is being untangled and cleared out. “The dark is not good or bad but only has power because of what has been hidden. Once this is cleared, humanity will develop a new relationship with dark matter, the microcosm, and the subatomic filaments that create your reality.”

There’s more that can be contemplated from the above, however, Sammie would like to share other insights that can truly change the way we see ourselves.

>>The main point that Sammie is emphasizing in this section is Creator desires to experience everything that is created. The rhythm of extending to experience all and the desire to be conscious of the experience has fundamental ‘impulses’ woven into creation and affects the laws of nature that manifest. In this way, “Creation is breathing”; Expansion-Contraction. Soul consciousness is infused with these impulses.

Gravity is a By-Product of Soul Vibrational Consciousness Permeating the Microcosm

The microcosmic universe “contains” the raw materials of physical expression. From this perspective, soul consciousness interacts with the microcosm to manifest a human form for a particular experience.

“Soul vibrational consciousness permeates through the microcosm”, Sammie says. “Gravity, as you know it, comes about in the inverse relationship when the vastness of your being meets the vastness of your being coming through the subatomic universe.”

Sammie said this to me over a month ago and it still blows my mind. I have seen other guides of this new consciousness saying that our relationship to gravity is changing but it is mind boggling seeing it this way. I realized that Einstein’s theory of relativity depicts this except that we have to look at it from the perspective of soul consciousness and from the perspective of pre-manifestation. Once the object manifests, the force of gravity is already in play. However, Sammie is saying,

“The Impulse of Creator as described in the previous section actually has a bigger effect on the formation of gravity than the idea of an object warping space.”

More questions arise from this than can be answered. I have a soul, so am I “creating” gravity? Well, the answer seems to be that my soul consciousness does play a major role in “creating” gravity. And what about the earth? The stars? The galaxies? For now, Sammie is saying focus on the collective human consciousness that you are. Also, this perspective will change the way you as an individual relate to gravity, time, space, and ultimately, free yourself from mass consciousness that is not aligned with Source. There is an implication that we will gain mastery over our ability to navigate gravity in a whole new way.

“You begin to see that you draw to you exactly what you need as a divine soul expression. Manifesting becomes an art and rhythmically you can alter your cellular DNA to match your creations. You are free to Be the divine essence you were always meant to Be. Every thought matches the Creator’s intention because you are the vehicle, the bridge for God Conscious Expression.”

Interesting, I was listening to an interview of Dawson Church, PhD, on a podcast after writing this blog, "Cutting Edge Consciousness" and he was saying something similar about thoughts and beliefs affecting the shape of our DNA.

Being a Collective Consciousness

This is not a new concept that we are a collective but Sammie is really driving home that point and what that means. At the microcosmic level, this really becomes prominent because she says:

“Your thoughts are generating matrix like patterns and sets a foundation of your beliefs. You, as a collective human soul, are trying to detangle and clear a lot of beliefs that have enslaved you. As more of you awaken, you collectively create new matrix-like patterns in the microcosm and light begins to permeate through the microcosm and a new reality of the physical can be manifested.”

(A brief tangent: Sammie has shown me that the way soul vibrational consciousness interacts with the microcosmic particles, let’s say, is to “create matrices” of what “Is-Not”. So, every cell in our bodies has the same DNA; regardless of weather it is a liver, a stomach, a pancreas, etc… The way the light is “released” through the microcosm is by ‘informing it what it Is Not”. So a matrix, let’s say, comes together as directed by soul vibrational consciousness of “you are not a brain cell, nor a bone, nor a liver, nor a spleen,…” so that the light comes through to manifest what IS. The light comes through to manifest through the “null spaces” in the microcosm.)

Think about this on a grander scale, and you realize that we have been living from a collective ‘unconscious’ level of beliefs. Many will hold fast to these beliefs but as more of us acknowledge the patterns for what they are, the more readily they can be detangled for release. Also realize that the microcosm is not below our feet or some place dark, we are literally immersed in it. Every atom is the microcosm and, therefore, every cell in our bodies is arising from this very interwoven nature.

If you’re brain is ready to explode, so is mine, so let’s switch to some visuals as a foundation to move forward.

The flower of life pattern is a good metaphor, I think, for collective consciousness. Each sphere is whole but part of a bigger collective whole.

A Metaphor for Human Collective Consciousness

We have come to see the dark spaces as bad, where evil dwells. As Sammie interacts with my neurology energetically, the images and sensations I am receiving is that when the information flow back to Source became entangled at that microcosmic level, then we somehow began to create out of ‘mis-alignment’ and the subconscious mind developed “darkness”. I am beginning to see that the subconscious mind only exists because we had lost our feedback mechanism to inform Source and as we clear, the subconscious will no longer exist. There will, eventually, no longer be a need for hidden agendas or half truths because all is revealed and open, and we can live from the authenticity that is our unique soul expression. Imagine what is possible.

“Manifestation of your physical world arises when soul vibrational consciousness is expressing through the microcosmic universe. The human physical heart is a manifestation of the essence of soul manifesting. Why do you think there has been such a strong heart and soul correlation?”

As those of you reading this know, when the heart intelligence is allowed to acknowledge this soul expression, then we can truly create out of love as always had been intended. The mind separate from heart can only be satisfied by the physical sensations which continues the cycle of fear and a psychotic emptiness.

“Humans have been looking up and outward to connect to God. You look out into the cosmos to search for God, how creation began, where heaven is, where your soul is but it’s always been right here; in your heart, through your heart. The flow of information from this pathway is exquisite. This is the pathway of Exultation. There are many chambers through the heart chakra that have remained elusive. The most advanced on the earth had only opened 22. There are 24 chambers total and an additional 24 for those who can activate another level of DNA.”

So, how do we get to that place where humanity can truly create from the heart? When you turn on the news, things only seem to be getting worse. Many “channelers” and mystics of today are writing and talking about the light shining on the darkness to bring it all up to clear. What we are witnessing is clearing, transmuting, and even transfiguring. However, Sammie presented another interesting overview of what is taking place at the level of Collective Consciousness.

Whole + Whole = Creation

“From my perspective, a call to the farthest reaches of Creation was made; a call to those closest to Original Source. Many Souls, as you might refer to us, answered the call and became a Unified Field of Collective Consciousness, which has been unknown to Humanity. We took our place in your Cosmic Realms to anchor into the very fiber of Humanity. We operate in human form but bring in galactic and semi-cosmic codes to transform the earth.”

What do you mean by “semi-cosmic codes?”, I ask because that is a completely new term.

“The term ‘cosmic’ implies that there is still a level of density that is most familiar to you. Semi-cosmic infers that these are closer to Original Source Consciousness before any form.”

What Sammie showed me is that a “New Collective Consciousness” was introduced to fuse with the existing Human Collective Consciousness. This is perhaps the population of autistics and other neurodiverse individuals who don’t fit into the ‘established system’. This is very familiar to those in the Awesomism practitioner process.

This New Collective Consciousness holds new information coded into their soul expression to assist humanity to work with multi-dimensional light. Here is a visual depiction:

From my high school physics, I believe that this is what takes place when two atoms fuse together; fusion. The product is something new and has a new set of properties. I realize that this can feel very unsettling. It might feel like a take over but it is more of a merging. The best of human evolution is being woven into this New Collective Human Consciousness. There is a deep level of experience in this form of density. The beauty expressed in human form is exquisite and the experiences of sensations tantalizing. The New Human Experience is manifesting through this fusion. This might feel as though we are losing ourselves.

“It only feels like this because Humanity lost its full feedback loop with Creator. Concepts of domination and power pervasive in the Human Subconscious creates fear of this merging. It is already well underway and will feel liberating and expansive when these misconceptions can be transmuted."

"Consider that this is new for us as well. We are merging to create in new territory. In this way, Prime Creator sets the stage for vastness of being to flourish and elevate all of Creation. Many of us are very challenged in the human form and we wish you no harm. Humanity as a Soul Collective is vastly different than the individual incarnations you currently operate from. We wish to show you what Love as a Vibration of Consciousness means. In the end, we will all rejoice at the newly created manifestations. We will be exploring the possibilities when full expression of divinity can be manifest through the physical.”

And so, a whole new paradigm for this era is being laid. Join us as we continue to explore these concepts. Watch this short video clip as a summary of key concepts!

Next Sammie’s Treasures: “Are there any other group of Collective Souls also fusing with the Human Collective Consciousness?”

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