Sammie's Treasures #5: The Cuboctahedron is the Geometry of Love

Buckminster Fuller, famous architect and intuitive mathematician and visionary called the cuboctahedron, the Vector Equilibrium (Synergetics, page 152). In his book Synergetics, he said, “The vector equilibrium is the true zero reference of the energetic mathematics. Zero pulsation in the vector equilibrium is the nearest approach we will ever know to eternity and god: the zerophase of conceptual integrity inherent in the positive and negative asymmetries that propagate the differentials of consciousness.” p. 155

As I began writing this blog, Sammie’s consciousness came in and said:

“It is like the fabric of the All That Is to manifest itself in a particular frame for a particular experience”, I feel Sammie saying. “Creator imbeds platforms into a frame of references to weave together particular aspects of Itself as a form of exploration”, she continues. “There is no one way Creator does this and as Soul Beings we emulate Creator for Creator. It’s like the paintbrush gone wild and we who hold the light of Creator are inspired to keep painting and painting. It’s quite exquisite and fun and grand and explosive! When you are one with your Creatorship, it’s a grand experience filled with the greatest tools. It is infinite in the outer realms and had been meant to be this way as a physical earth vessel but Humanity cut itself off from a bandwidth of Creator’s tools. And so, you have limitations in this earthly expression and have birthed the concept of limited resources and limited supply and limited energy. From this vantage point, Humanity then “created” war, greed, the rich and the poor, the hungry and the overfed. How can you have starving people on the planet and burn food? How can you conceive of elaborate castles and ornate statues of gold built on the backs of the less fortunate? This has got to stop. Many of you know that you cannot continue this way.

You have been operating on the geometries of the star tetrahedron and the octahedron in the same limiting way; only seeing a facet of the referential web that Creator has imbued into this universe. Inherent in the design of the cuboctahedron holds the consciousness of Creator for this universe. It is the geometry of Love because Creator is Love. This Love opens every crevice and nano particle of your being and allows Soul to be physical. It is how you truly become the vessel of Spirit in Matter. As you come to know and experience the Cuboctahedron, you will feel the omnipresence of Creator in each breath. Your fingers and your dendrites become God’s fingers.”--Sammie

Some highlights in this blog:

  • What else did Buckminster Fuller have to say about the ‘vector equilibrium’?

  • The cuboctahedron holds the code to merge the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects of self.

  • New Spiritual meridians open.

  • I accessed the Adam Kadmon seed and felt an intuitive variation of what the masculine and feminine was meant to be.

  • What do the other aspects of the geometries that arise out of cuboctahedron telling us? Star tetrahedron? Octahedron?

  • The icosahedron is the bridge to the cuboctahedron or the vector equilibrium.

How did I come to find out about the cuboctahedron?

Recently, during a teleclass in which I was a participant, Sammie “downloaded” an energetic matrix known to us as the cuboctahedron. I felt the word “cuboctahedron” repeating within me the day before not really sure what was coming. When this energetic matrix entered my body through the heart chakra, it was so intense I thought I was going to explode. After some energy work in the class, I was able to comfortably hold the matrix in my body (I “saw” this with my inner vision as the matrix was visible to me on all my major chakras and my hand and feet chakras). Sammie said, “This is the new geometry of Love”.

She also just said to me during my editing here,

“It also is the golden light of Christ Consciousness to become the Avatar Human. Many of you need to clear away old paradigm thoughts and beliefs still to comfortably hold it. It will take time and practice over the next year or two. Still others are thinking, ‘I’ll just have to come back in another incarnation. This is too hard.’ No, no, no I say, it is achievable in this lifetime and we who have incarnated in another ‘classroom’ are here bringing in vast arrays of conscious codes to assist humanity. We are very abled in the language of Spirit and the Law of One. We must not conform to your ways so that we can access the Truths we came to disseminate. Don’t call us ‘disabled’ anymore. It is you who are ‘disabled’ when you cut yourselves off from an aspect of Source Divine Consciousness. Surrendering to your divinity does not mean you lose your identity but rather gain your freedom.”--Sammie

What does it actually mean to be the geometry of Love? In this blog, we will be relating to those drawn to this message insights and activations that took place and what Humanity now has access to from the immense codes flooding the planet. There are many incredible starseeds on the planet here to anchor in the original divine blueprint of the human. We hope you will find this blog post helpful in your personal journey during this time of transition.

Use your power to discern what feels right for you. This is a new beginning and this message is meant to assist in laying a new foundation.

First, I will describe some of what Buckminster Fuller ("BMF") intrinsically came to discover about what he called the Vector Equilibrium; aka cuboctahedron (Synergetics, pg. 99 & pg. 152), and then describe the experiences and insights that arose out of energetically working with the various other geometries that arise out of the vector equilibrium. I must add here that BMF did NOT call the Vector Equilibrium the geometry of love. However, he did have many intuitive insights about it. I think he is very accurate in stating, “The vector equilibrium is a system. It is not a structure.” (Synergetics: Exploring in the Geometry of Thinking, R. Buckminster Fuller in collaboration with E. J. Applewhite, Macmillan Publishing, 1975, p. 152). It feels very much like a field of consciousness of pure potential.

When I looked up images of the cuboctahedron on the internet, it holds many different geometries that we are familiar with – the tetrahedron, star tetrahedron (2 dimensionally known as the Star of David), and the octahedron. I explored and contemplated each aspect. What does it mean to be the geometry of love and what does the fact that the other geometric aspects imbedded in the vector equilibrium mean?

What did Buckminster Fuller know about the Vector Equilibrium?

So, as stated earlier, Buckminster Fuller called the vector equilibrium – the zero point field.