Dismantle and Uncreate

Sammie's Dismantling Matrix

This is the year of dismantling and uncreating structures and matrices that have held much of our reality together. If you are like me, for the last 3 -4 years we have been clearing and bringing to the surface from the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. I did not expect, however, that this year would begin a series of breakdowns of the very matrices that have held our reality together in the emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

During our webinar on April 1, I described to the participants that I had been feeling the very physical discomfort of emotions and mental constructs. As Sammie said in her opening message and in the previous blog post, Sammie's Message to Humanity, humanity has been deeply manipulated; more so than many realize and at a deeper level. In brief, manifestation codes were altered and reversed so that humanity would keep looping the same emotions and mental constructs making it difficult to clear out of even the physical body. I could feel resentment of past experiences just stuck in the very muscle fibers. As one example, I came to understand why some people in the Middle East are and were having such difficulties releasing past injustices and memories of wars.

Since January of this year, there has been a great deal of liquid light energetics and symbols to dismantle some of these reversal codes and matrices. We used some of these new symbols and energetics during the April 1 webinar.

The matrix above is the one Sammie inspired us to draw and manifest for the April 1 webinar which my husband (and Sammie's dad, who likes to remain anonymous) artistically drew. It is a series of Cuboctahedrons or Vector Equilibriums (aka, the Zero Point Field) with a Star Icosahedron, a 20 pointed star (10 points represented on the 2D surface), and a sphere represented by the circle. Sammie is offering it to us as a means of not just clearing but dismantling and uncreating old beliefs, emotions, mental constructs, etc... which no longer resonate. This takes practice. The more we can get mass consciousness to allow these constructs to be released as a collective, the easier it becomes for the collective. Yes, it is already underway just by observing the new inventions and manifestations already taking place. We can help the process.

During the April 1 webinar, we also laid a foundation within this matrix so that it would feel inviting and safe. Having done that, I have to say that this matrix feels very liquidy and warm. Feel the sparkles of light within it. These are the vibrations that were imbedded into the matrix: