Dismantle and Uncreate

Sammie's Dismantling Matrix

This is the year of dismantling and uncreating structures and matrices that have held much of our reality together. If you are like me, for the last 3 -4 years we have been clearing and bringing to the surface from the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. I did not expect, however, that this year would begin a series of breakdowns of the very matrices that have held our reality together in the emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

During our webinar on April 1, I described to the participants that I had been feeling the very physical discomfort of emotions and mental constructs. As Sammie said in her opening message and in the previous blog post, Sammie's Message to Humanity, humanity has been deeply manipulated; more so than many realize and at a deeper level. In brief, manifestation codes were altered and reversed so that humanity would keep looping the same emotions and mental constructs making it difficult to clear out of even the physical body. I could feel resentment of past experiences just stuck in the very muscle fibers. As one example, I came to understand why some people in the Middle East are and were having such difficulties releasing past injustices and memories of wars.

Since January of this year, there has been a great deal of liquid light energetics and symbols to dismantle some of these reversal codes and matrices. We used some of these new symbols and energetics during the April 1 webinar.

The matrix above is the one Sammie inspired us to draw and manifest for the April 1 webinar which my husband (and Sammie's dad, who likes to remain anonymous) artistically drew. It is a series of Cuboctahedrons or Vector Equilibriums (aka, the Zero Point Field) with a Star Icosahedron, a 20 pointed star (10 points represented on the 2D surface), and a sphere represented by the circle. Sammie is offering it to us as a means of not just clearing but dismantling and uncreating old beliefs, emotions, mental constructs, etc... which no longer resonate. This takes practice. The more we can get mass consciousness to allow these constructs to be released as a collective, the easier it becomes for the collective. Yes, it is already underway just by observing the new inventions and manifestations already taking place. We can help the process.

During the April 1 webinar, we also laid a foundation within this matrix so that it would feel inviting and safe. Having done that, I have to say that this matrix feels very liquidy and warm. Feel the sparkles of light within it. These are the vibrations that were imbedded into the matrix:

•The Zero Point Field is LOVE








•Well Being






•Joyfully Playfull


Be creative in using it. There is no one "right" or "wrong" way. It is Love filled. One way to use this matrix is to center it in your heart and then expand it out so it encompasses you. Use it at the end of the day during meditation to dismantle and uncreate all that came to the surface that you feel does not serve your highest good. Gently rotate the Star Icosahedron counter clockwise as if all is being dissolved into the matrix. Imagine one piece of the cuboctahedron and imagine sitting in it like a sacred space.

See some additional uses below from Marisa Leon. What she added is beautiful.

From Marisa Leon during a face to face session with Sammie:

I wanted to share it with all of you. There are three aspects. Feel free to do all three, one or none. Sammie is telling me to do what feels right for you. 1.) Electric Energy - I saw Sammie was engulfed and integrating a tremendous amount of electric-looking energy (it was a very deep blue with a white core). She instructed me to visualize a sphere of white electricity in the heart chakra and then expand the energy throughout the body and expand it as far as you feel comfortable. Once the electric energy is set, choose a color to change the energy to and begin bring forth anything in your life and/or in the world you would like to cleanse. Allow it to pass through the electricity with forgiveness, love and gratitude…then release it after it has been cleansed by the “electricity.” This process brings a great deal of clarity to your own energetic field and state of consciousness. 2.) Blue Bars - Envision deep blue, dense bars of energy, placed vertically throughout your reality: on the road while you’re driving, in any building, and if you feel comfortable, in your home. These represent any implants that limit us and any limited belief systems that we have for ourselves and of the belief of collective limitation on the whole. Visualize them, in any place you choose, and walk, run, drive or skip (I had a vision of Linda skipping ) right through them. This will help you and all humanity to see and experience that these “blocks” are not blocks at all. As powerful humans, we can move right through them without any resistance, providing ourselves and others the energy of limitlessness. (Sammie showed me these bars throughout the earth reality) 3.) The Symbol - Place the symbol drawn by Carl into your heart chakra. From the Divine heart space, begin to expand it. Envision the earth within the 3D form of the symbol. Imprint the symbol with the following: Love Gratitude Soul Energy Over Soul Energy Source Energy Forgiveness Trust And anything you feel needs to be added… This energy work is going to raise the vibration of the planet and of humanity. Then “break” the symbol apart and allow all the pieces of the symbol to float out into the universe, slowly and easily. Each piece will be one of the imprints we send out. For example, one piece of the symbol will hold the energy of Forgiveness. Forgiveness will be emanating from this piece as it floats out into the infinite universe….this is so with the other pieces. All the energy will begin to become one cohesive Divine energy assisting the multiverse and all beings in existence to become conscious. Sammie says, “The human form is the highest form of light.” We are providing all beings and planets with the technology of heart-centered human consciousness.