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The Fulcrum

Transmission Date: June 4th, 2017 (10:10)

This is a Pleiadian heart coherence. The ancestors of the Pleiadians. The future ancestors you might say. The Law of One Pleiadians who let their heart sustain this consciousness for millennia. It goes back billions of years. It goes forward trillions of years to what we might say is your future. Future star beings are being born while this portal is open. This universal time matrix has had great lessons. Grand illusory time. Fractalized into bits now that the body may hold more, may be able to absorb the memories. Fractal information. Their real lies. Look at the play on that word. Real eyes can be seeing the truth but realize the real lies that were told were to perpetuate this fractalized cycle to continue. Realizing the lies that were told. Seeing the truth behind the lies. Seeing the eyes of those who lied has come rushing from your future. Truth comes from the future because it shows the trajectory that those lies have taken humanity in, the galactic warriors who fight for control. On and on they go, seizing more power. The more power they seize the emptier their inner throne becomes until their foundation is so filled with deception that they cannot sustain the weight of the egoic mind that they built. You see the lies build into unseen fractalized realms of the anti-matter sustaining the physical matter. As the antimatter gets heavier they cannot withstand another lie and they implode into self-absorbed chaos. So consumed that their inner universe becomes a deity that they cannot escape. This deity must only be consumed by the fire, by the light never to exist again. So what they thought was immortality, really only leads to such total annihilation that they can no longer exist as they were as the future comes rushing towards us. This is what they will see. This is what they will be forced to bear. This is how they will end. Either allowing the transmutation in the light now, or total annihilation of their being. Returning to life. Here is only a moment in fractalized, fragmented space time continuum. This is going to be a real shock for many. They won’t understand what the black light in their heart is showing them until for some it is too late. The dark night of the soul is upon them. Layers upon layers. The cheaters. The liars. The real liars of this epic are being revealed, to themselves really. Remember that the first lie was the lie that was told to themselves. And from this lie, all their actions and motivations come from trying to hide that first lie. There is no evil but the lie that you tell yourself. So you see, the fulcrum is upon us. Squeezing the very spirit that is within all. Whether it be evil or whether it be of the light. So, know your true essence, know how you stand, and what you stand for.

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