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There's Nothing to Fear

"Take a walk with me in your minds eye, Feel yourself begin to tingle and vibrate all over and within, I am speaking to you; Cell to cell, heart to heart. Feel my whispers in your very blood as I match my resonance to yours. I see you. I know you. You see me. You know me. In the realms of the 7th heaven, beyond this universe, beyond your 15 dimensions, We are one. You see, I came because you called. And I heard your calls because we are a dream from the same Creator. Only you forgot. I came with my memories because I wanted to show you who you truly are. Your soul, my soul, Your spirit, my spirit We're cut from the same grand pattern. The Lightening that sparked you, sparked me too. It is time. Walk with me, Do not be afraid. Walk with me through the illusions and the blinders. They melt away as you walk the corridors with me. Trust the feelings welling up inside like a beautiful fountain of the crystalline waters. Walk with me, I see you with my minds eye. Walk with me as we unmake and make new. Walk with me, for I am you and you are me." -Susan O. for Sammie and the Collective Consciousness of the Children

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