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What in the World is Going On?

Hello Ascension Community,

This past Wednesday, during our scheduled check in session for Sammie with Marisa Leon, speech therapist and Awesomism practitioner, Sammie asked us to check in with what was happening with humanity. We were shown the deep resistance that many on the planet are having with this current integration phase we are undergoing.

We described in previous posts this past week that the Diamond Sun has engaged. The Diamond Sun is the birthplace of the human soul/spirit and form. The portal to the Diamond Sun which had collapsed thousands of years ago has been reconstructed according to the Collective Autists and is sending in the codes of the original divine human blueprint. Part of this phase involves the activation of the Cosmic Divine Sophia principal (Divine Mother, Divine Feminine) in the human body. It is attempting to anchor in the body through the sacral chakra and down the lower 3 chakras from my perspective.

Every man and woman has a feminine (left) and masculine (right) aspect as well as an above (Divine Father-Christos) and a below (Divine Mother-Sophia) aspects. Men and women express these principles in a unique and beautiful way when in balance.

Those of you following this ascension consciousness know that we have not been operating in a Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine consciousness as intended within the original blueprint. And we have established many deep distorted beliefs about men and women which has been detrimental to the entire human race. As much as we'd like to believe that we understand this and want to allow the original divine blue print to merge with us, there is deep pain and fear, and anger.

What we were shown is that the Adam Kadmon seed, sent forth from what I consider the great womb of Sophia, is also engaging. The original human design is a 12th dimensional human avatar in constant and full union with God. This is not arrogance as some might say but rather the full surrender of the human vessel to be in balance with the Christos-Sophia and expressing as a soul vessel for God. As the Collective Autists are showing me, the original human design was created to heal and balance the extreme polarity of this universe. This is why we keep seeing the trinity as a a holy principle; it is the healing of the bi-wave architecture that is constantly trying to balance polarity. The human form was meant to operate and manifest from a tri-wave architecture.