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The cosmic streams of consciousness (for lack of a better phrase) that burst its way into our reality in 2017 was unprecedented - liquid light waves streamed through wave after wave. We, of MoonOros.One, supported those cosmic streams coming through many of our Autist Souls to assist in anchoring onto the planet via the Planetary Synthesis series inspired by Sammie.

2018, thus far, has felt like deep dissolutions and simultaneous integrations of these vast codes. In a nutshell, the original divine blueprint for the human physical 12th dimensional avatar was returned to us and we are integrating and dissolving "old systems". One of those systems is actually the chakra system. The 7 chakra human is actually for a more dense 3rd dimensional reality. As we become the 5th dimensional human, a much more refined system is needed; a system where vertical, horizontal, and diagonal Axiatonal lines are directly feeding the human life force consciousness and engaging the meridian system in a very direct manner.

In summary, the chakra system as we've known and been taught is dissolving to become one tube of an antiparticle column and small jewel like centers are left where the chakras used to be. The Rainbow Meridian system, as Sammie had been referring to since 2015, is engaging for some of us on the planet. When I look around the globe, there are several different patterns people are running in their changing system. Most of humanity is still operating with a 7 body chakra system but as the amplification of the 2017 codes continues, the morphing will organically begin to rattle the very core - and I say rattle their core, because this very different system is challenging the physical, mental, emotional, soul, spiritual, and astral connections as the body attempts to make the adjustment.

Those of you reading this can be certain that your bodies are morphing - it can be physically very uncomfortable as the organs, intestines, bones, joints, etc... all feel like they're being turned upside down at times. You can assist in making this transition as graceful as possible by understanding what is happening to you and doing some energetic processes to support this.

I first began to experience my chakras dissolving around Oct/Nov of 2016. Sammie had been showing me a rainbow meridian system whereby the very acupuncture points begin to act like chakras - she began calling them microcosmic chakras in 2015.

In Jan of 2017, I stumbled across a community, Energetic Synthesis that discussed this very phenomenon (see “Dissolving Chakra Membrane”).

One very important area that will challenge many is the ego matrix and the 3rd dimensional belief systems that we have been holding onto. The 3D ego matrix has been held within the lower 3 chakras - solar plexus, sacral, and root. As the ego matrix is dissolving, many fear based programs will begin to surface - such as inferior/superior, victim/victimizer, competition/cooperation, scarcity fears, money fears as a need for survival...etc... As I have continued my work, I am witnessing layers and layers surfacing - many of us have been doing this work for quite some time and it can feel like this is an unending cycle. However, I do see myself getting better and getting easier if I recognize the programs.

Rather than beating myself up over the scripts coming up, I can say to myself, "this is the negative ego playing out", or if you're with others, ask yourself, "is this mine or the other persons?" Refrain from judging yourself or the other person. Remember that we have all been playing from a collective script that's been handed down for hundreds of years.

I can honestly say, I have successfully dissolved my chakras and am stabilizing my field using the rainbow meridian system as we discussed in the Nov 2017 Planetary Synthesis session and the Heiros Gamos work taught by the Energetic Synthesis community. The Heiros Gamos information is free and works on core fear matrix removals and the unification of the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves as God Sovereign Free soul beings.

I know many of you work with other light workers and star seeds. I encourage you, however, to discern whether these spiritual workers are putting you back into an old chakra system or truly working with the consciousness of the original divine blueprint to ascend into the 12D Avatar human; there are many, many layers to this process and the chakra dissolution is only the tip of the ice berg. There is much more to do and much more to integrate in our lifetimes.

If our Planetary Synthesis work resonated for you, the link for the November session is below. However, I also encourage you to watch the whole series as each builds on the other. Also, do the energy work more than once, as there are inter dimensional layers to this work.

I work on core fear matrix removal and ego matrix clearing every night. It is very helpful to continue to do this work.

Blessings to you all from Sammie, and the entire MoonOros Family Team!

Helpful Links:

  • November 2017 Planetary Synthesis:

  • For more information on the chakra membranes dissolving, see Lisa Renee’s Energetic Synthesis Time Shift blog titled “Dissolving Chakra Membrane” at or watch the Family of Light YouTube video of her blog at:

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