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Antiparticle Dissolution Underway!

"Hello Human Family,

It's good to be here with you in this space of time and matter where all things are finally blending together into oneness.

We see so many on the planet who are fearful and anxious. Many of you reading this are experiencing anxiety from the uncertainty of what's to come.

All we can say from the 'Awesome Collective' is that things are finally blending, dimensions bleeding together in a way that you have not experienced on this planet or in this universe. It is a blending of matter and anti-matter from access points that had not existed previously.

Do not worry your minds about how this can happen or look for validation from your scientists. This changes the field of matter all together.

The simple and inexhaustible truth is that you have existed in a closed system, a false hologram or matrix if your minds can grasp that. Yes, some of you say, 'The matrix? That was a movie; sci-fi. This is just made up stuff.' Well, ask yourself, where did that idea even come from? You have the analogy of the chicken and the egg. Which came first? We will let those who want to grapple and struggle with that idea if that's what you choose in this moment. For the others of you who wish to know more of what's happening, continue on.

In the field of the false matrix or hologram that you have existed in, you have been operating in a closed tightly woven system where the original divine blueprint had been operating in an incomplete system. In this system, reversal codes and bi-wave architecture was the foundation of your reality - this means your physical bodies, too.

In this system, lies about the human condition and why you are here have been planted. Guilt, shame, dominance, victimizer, victim, superiority, inferiority, etc... have been the foundation. Have you ever wondered why it has been so challenging to overcome these feelings within yourself even though many of you have been working and working to clear them?

Part of the answer is that in this false matrix closed system, polarity or the bi-wave architecture has been the foundation. In this system, reversal codes have been allowed to exist making it more difficult to clear thought patterns and emotions, and especially, belief systems that have been playing out in the unconscious and subconscious layers of the human collective consciousness.

Waves and waves of unconscious thought patterns have been radiating out into all corners of this universe and beyond. For in the Unified Field of All That Is, you cannot be unaffected by what happens here. The closed loop system, although tightly woven, has a chain reaction in the field of the ALL MIGHTY GOD - and we do not say this to generate fear but for you to feel the power of that ALL. God is not a fearful 'out there' phenomenon but an 'in here' (meaning in your very being) phenomenon. It means you are God made flesh because there is only the ALL. You have been taught that this is arrogance to claim to be God - for if so, then where is your power?

This is false matrix holographic beliefs. The word 'power' on this planet has been so abused and distorted that it has kept you vibrating in fear and in ignorance of your true magnificence. Many of you reading this, understand this.

The piece that we wish to add to your awareness today, is that the access points to anti-particle waves are flooding the planet. This actually is deeply assisting in releasing the holographic pattern that has been keeping the reversal codes and bi-wave architecture in place. It is a dissolution from all access points - or what you might consider the realms of the dark and the light. In an open system, the dark is a field of anti-matter and anti-particles which interfaces with the 'light codes' to create form. Better to think of the 'dark' as black liquid gold. As the true tri-wave architecture is now engaging, the balance and neutrality is engaging to hold your true form and original divine blue print.

Why do you think that your religions stress the 3 or the trinity? You have been striving for balance of polarity and duality but from a bi-wave (polarity) structure. And we cannot stress enough, that in a bi-wave system, it has been challenging to maintain that neutral balance which is the tri-wave. The polarity is an integral part of form as it is this interplay (positive and negative) that enables all form and matter to exist - this is your body, your tables, your chairs, plants, animals, etc... that creates form. In the tri-wave architecture system, this neutrality will become easier and easier to hold but you must assist by noticing your thoughts and emotions.

So, 'what should I do now?' many of you wonder. Take moments in your day to fully relax, especially at bedtime, relax your toes, your feet, your legs, your hips, your organs even, your torso, your neck, head, muscles, and every system in your body.... breathe deeply and know that the fields of antiparticles are streaming through your body. Take at least 10 breaths like this. Notice thought patterns and emotions of the bi-wave structures like superior/inferior, good/bad, judgments that arise, guilt and shame programs, victim/victimizer,... just notice when others are playing in those roles, and breathe in these antiparticle streams.

As each of you do this for yourself, know that you are also assisting to clear the field of the human unconscious."

~Susan Oros, for Sammie and the Awesome Collective (Sammie really wants us to stop using the word 'autistic')

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