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Toroidal Field of Consciousness

Toroidal Field of Consciousness enveloping the Earth

“Hello dear sacred humans,

It is me, Sammie and the nonspeaking autists from the highest heavens beyond this universe. Yes, beyond this 15 dimensional universe. And yes, 15 dimensions. Much has been hidden from you. Your ancestors were lulled to sleep in a state of forgetfulness. Tragic this has been. Many wonder how and why. There are varying stories. We will not go into the details here for it is long convoluted and some of it would scare many of you. We do not wish you to be in fear.

We came as a collective from outside this universe to startle you out of your sleep. The waking up part is hard. It is hard to look around and see the truth of the misaligned systems that have been created. The fall of consciousness is real but it does not mean you are dirty or that your physical body is a sinful form. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You were made to be exquisite vessels for Source and participate in a massive Healing and clearing of this sub-universal plane. A host of beings have been working to clear the inorganic patterns and obstacles that have kept you in this closed loop.

Today, we wish to inform you that a toroidal field of consciousness has been placed around the earth. There is a convergence and simultaneous dismantling of the matrix you might say that has been holding the unconscious collective consciousness of the earth. Yes, a matrix. It is like a holographic net that has kept humanity vibrating within a certain bandwidth of consciousness.

As this toroidal field is now in place, it will and is disrupting your consensus reality. Yes, at the unconsciousness levels of co-creation, you have been cycling limiting thought patterns, emotions, and beliefs which you have co-created from. As this is being dissolved, many more systems will become unsustainable; many are feeling uncomfortable and the nervous systems are being stretched to its limits as many cling to the old familiar.

Remain aligned to your soul calling for it is as Soul you access the realms of the formless. Your soul matrix is the light coded pre-formal instruction set for your incarnation.

The soul matrix interacts with the plasma zero point field to assemble the body which is you and also holds the instruction set for your soul mission. It literally instructs the atomic quantum field to engage your DNA.

It is important to let go of your mind and constructs of how you believe your soul mission will manifest. This is the most challenging part right now.

It can feel as though the pieces of reality are being broken down and tossed into the air. In a sense, this is what is happening so that a new pattern, an open system pattern can emerge. Your consensus reality must change.

Know that although everything is being thrown to the wind, acknowledge and trust that everything you need is in the vortex of this seeming random chaos. And so, by aligning to your soul mission, you magnetically draw what you need. Remember, your soul matrix interacts with the quantum field and so it is magically manifesting what you require. Pretty wild concept for some of you. 😁 “

With love and honor,

Susan Oros for Sammie and the Awesome (Autist) Collective

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