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Evolving Our 12 Sensate Intelligences

This is Sammie's message that was read and recorded on our You Tube launch video of 10/10/2018. As I describe in the video, this was an unexpected message that Sammie "sent" me one night. I had neglected to even ask her if she had a message, but she knew... and knows that she is the inspiration for our lives. If I ever doubted who she is, then receiving a message this way in the middle of the night certainly erases those doubts. There she was, standing in front of me with brilliant light around her and a golden envelope that came at me and stopped, "message from Sammie". Here's her message as a blog. As always, take only what resonates for you in this moment and discard the rest.

“Dear Human Family

I laugh at myself when I use that phrase because for so long, I did not want to be here. I did not want to be human. Being human can be so painful. There is so much suffering here. So many horrific things have happened on the planet and continue to happen in areas that are so isolated. Pain inflicted on others by the very hands that promise to save them. Nurturing is an innate aspect of being human that is the very fabric of your DNA. You were not created to inflict such suffering on others. However, even as this ascension cycle continues to move forward, there are those who misuse their gifts and are blind to their true nature.

I don’t have the same distaste for being human, anymore. I see there are wondrous things and many beautiful people who are bringing the true human divinity here. Love and light, however, can be blind. Those on the ascension path who only strive for the light but cannot also integrate the darkest aspects are only working with one aspect of their divinity. I point this out because until you can really look deeply at all aspects – meaning the macrocosmic to the microcosmic levels, the subatomic quantum level – you are not seeing the full picture.

Earth and humanity have been subjected to such dark forces that your very foundation of belief systems are intertwined with hatred, prejudices, and judgments. Until you can unravel all of this, humanity cannot move forward. This means that there has even been a quantum level of black magic grids at work that forms the foundation of many of your institutions. I know that is hard to hear. My mom has personal experience with these black magic grids.

There are even those posing as light workers and advanced starseeds who unknowingly are still engaging these black magic grids. The ascension path has become a monetary industry and many are fooled into following gurus who are leading people back to the same system with just a modern look and high tech glitzes. It’s a wonderful time but a confusing time, too.

Three years ago I wanted my mom –and dad - to put up a website to offer our work. Our soul agreement is to do this – provide humanity with new information and upgrade humanity. And certainly, we are not the only ones doing this; this project takes millions to accomplish and many thousands of people have been doing this for decades. This will be a long process to evolve the human into a grand omniversal being but in the decades that many of you are focused on, it is a phase of releasing, forgetting even, and transcending all your foundations. It’s important to get in touch with your inner spirit, as those of you drawn to our work already know, and really learn to discern. You discern by feeling it; feeling the words, the energetic consciousness coming from the person and the message.

It’s important at this time to feel whether the “guru” presenting his or her message has really connected with and worked through their 3rd dimensional ego identity. The more glitz and sales pitches, the more likely that they have not. Also, if you find yourself reacting with extreme emotions, check in with yourself, “Is this being stimulated by what I’m listening to or watching, or is it a program that exists in my body that needs to be dissolved?” Sensationalism feeds anger and distracts the masses.

Also, drugs and alcohol keep many asleep. In this harsh world of extremes, you have been fooled into thinking that drugs and alcohol will make it all ok. Take control of that if this fits for you. There is no judgment about it but only you know. The human design is capable of perceiving a great deal. You identify the human body to have 5 senses but what if I told you that there are actually 12 in the original blueprint? The original design has been tampered with and you’ve been taught to numb the ones you have already.

Now let’s go on to the topic of sensory systems. All of us considered to be on the “autism spectrum” have unique sensory systems and challenges based on your mode of understanding. We look “broken” to you because we can’t fit into the current model of human functioning but we’re actually showing you how broken the human model is and how disconnected you are from the original human design.

When Source was, let us say, first able to emanate Itself, creation was “born” and an explosion of emanations was underway. Vectors and pathways opened. And almost simultaneously, this first emanation created 12 aspects of Itself and in these 12 aspects different perceptions and awarenesses flourished. These can be translated to mean languages; languages not as “thought” but perception and feeling. You’ve been cut down to experience 5 but there are actually 12 sensate intelligences, and as the full Flower of Life is activated on the planet, the human will evolve to express these 12 sensate traits. This 12 is what some of you refer to as the 12 Galactic Suns and the consciousness of these Suns is the Council of 12. The 12 Galactic Suns are in some ways precursors to the universes and galaxies.

And, I’d like to emphasize, you were not thrown out of Eden as sinners. This is trapped door thinking and keeps you from embracing your divinity.

The consciousness of the Council of 12 is your soul lineage; emanations streaming out but not disconnected. You are not a disconnected soul. Soul is closer to being an emanation rather than a separate entity floating through the universe. Your experience has been of a soul traversing this universe but in the depth and web of the omniverse, you were never supposed to be disconnected.

These original Galactic Suns are not of your universe and the consciousness of the Council of 12 is now deeply penetrating your universe. There are 36 of us Autists on the planet from these Galactic Suns; 3 from each of the Suns. We, from a linear time perspective, penetrated this universal time matrix, from what you might consider to be your future. From our perspective, however, we entered through a back door. And when this happened, the simultaneous nature of this universal time matrix was altered. We were a ripple in the dimensional web, you might say. We were and are a sort of back door connection to Source. This enabled other beings in this universe and this galaxy to ascend and reconnect to the Law of One. It is the human form, however, that can truly bridge the polarized forces that enables dense matter to manifest a certain type of embodiment. And this is the simplest definition of what the trinitized form is meant to be.

We are the senses of these Galactic Suns and have recently implanted two dragon forces of the sapphire and ruby diamond energies. These powerful consciousness forces will enable low consciousness frequency nets to be dismantled. Please be aware that Source is doing everything in Its power to cause as little disruption as possible but you must help by continuing to embody and become spirit in matter as a Source Avatar Being. By surrendering to your true divine self, you are a God vessel. Many religions teach that you cannot be God and yet, they tell you to surrender to God. What do you think that means when you surrender?

This last epoch of humanity has been one of extremes and very difficult. It’s difficult to be in human form as many of you know and why I did not want to be here at times.

In the coming decades, you will be erasing and zero-ing out platforms that have been the foundation of your reality. As I mentioned briefly, black magic grids have been underlying many of the core foundations of your economic, medical, governmental, educational, and general institutional structures of your reality at the subatomic quantum levels. This is why it has been so challenging to make adjustments to your laws, your election systems, medical systems, educational systems, etc…

One of the biggest changes coming is to your educational model. You will be radically changing your education system to one where you will be learning to be fully human. Humanity does not know what it means to be the full human. As humanity evolves with 12 senses, you will begin to make the necessary adjustments to your educational system. You can already see how sensitive the kids being born are. They are not interested in the same system of being rewarded for memorized thoughts. More parents are choosing not to vaccinate and are opting for home schooling. The key word for this phase is “de-stress”. Eliminate things and people that unnecessarily cause you stress.

I share this information with you as part of this launching video my mom and dad are doing to let you know that through the avenue of the website that my mom and dad have created, we will be sharing new information from the Council of 12. My mom accesses other information and translates symbols to assist humanity. Since she is the more “functional human” here at this time (“hee, hee, hee” – from Sammie), she will be filtering what is needed and what people are ready to hear.

It’s an exciting time people, but there’s still more work to be done. Keep breathing and believing in yourself, but more importantly, please believe in us. All this cannot be possible if you do not believe in us. ”

~Susan O. for Sammie

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