Evolving Our 12 Sensate Intelligences

This is Sammie's message that was read and recorded on our You Tube launch video of 10/10/2018. As I describe in the video, this was an unexpected message that Sammie "sent" me one night. I had neglected to even ask her if she had a message, but she knew... and knows that she is the inspiration for our lives. If I ever doubted who she is, then receiving a message this way in the middle of the night certainly erases those doubts. There she was, standing in front of me with brilliant light around her and a golden envelope that came at me and stopped, "message from Sammie". Here's her message as a blog. As always, take only what resonates for you in this moment and discard the rest.

“Dear Human Family

I laugh at myself when I use that phrase because for so long, I did not want to be here. I did not want to be human. Being human can be so painful. There is so much suffering here. So many horrific things have happened on the planet and continue to happen in areas that are so isolated. Pain inflicted on others by the very hands that promise to save them. Nurturing is an innate aspect of being human that is the very fabric of your DNA. You were not created to inflict such suffering on others. However, even as this ascension cycle continues to move forward, there are those who misuse their gifts and are blind to their true nature.

I don’t have the same distaste for being human, anymore. I see there are wondrous things and many beautiful people who are bringing the true human divinity here. Love and light, however, can be blind. Those on the ascension path who only strive for the light but cannot also integrate the darkest aspects are only working with one aspect of their divinity. I point this out because until you can really look deeply at all aspects – meaning the macrocosmic to the microcosmic levels, the subatomic quantum level – you are not seeing the full picture.

Earth and humanity have been subjected to such dark forces that your very foundation of belief systems are intertwined with hatred, prejudices, and judgments. Until you can unravel all of this, humanity cannot move forward. This means that there has even been a quantum level of black magic grids at work that forms the foundation of many of your institutions. I know that is hard to hear. My mom has personal experience with these black magic grids.

There are even those posing as light workers and advanced starseeds who unknowingly are still engaging these black magic grids. The ascension path has become a monetary industry and many are fooled into following gurus who are leading people back to the same system with just a modern look and high tech glitzes. It’s a wonderful time but a confusing time, too.

Three years ago I wanted my mom –and dad - to put up a website to offer our work. Our soul agreement is to do this – provide humanity with new information and upgrade humanity. And certainly, we are not the only ones doing this; this project takes millions to accomplish and many thousands of people have been doing this for decades. This will be a long process to evolve the human into a grand omniversal being but in the decades that many of you are focused on, it is a phase of releasing, forgetting even, and transcending all your foundations. It’s important to get in touch with your inner spirit, as those of you drawn to our work already know, and really learn to discern. You discern by feeling it; feeling the words, the energetic consciousness coming from the person and the message.