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Explosive Emanation of Christ Consciousness

It’s been a tough week for Sammie; very intense moments. I assisted her energetically but still, we have a hole in one of our walls after she became so agitated that she put her head through the wall. A lot of crying, laughing in the middle of the night but I know now. I know something is coming through her. Finally, last night I saw it all.

The image I quickly drew says it. Sammie was highly agitated again last night and when I “looked”, there it was - an image of this explosive star coming through. It began earlier in the week when she was agitated and an image of what energetically came through as the “Rod of Christ Consciousness”. And I want to preface here that “Christ Consciousness” is not about a man or the religion, Christianity. This is not about any one religion but as an Emanation of God Source Creator.

So what does this mean in this Ascension Cycle? The old paradigm is breaking down. We’ve known it for a while, those of you reading and been working it to become the Avatar Human of the original divine blueprint. I’ve been working it, but I have to tell you that even the information that we received in the last 6 years is even breaking down. It no longer holds up with what’s coming through and the field that we have now stepped into. This is beyond monumental. It’s a heavenly cosmic event that outshines the birth of a universe is my feeling.

This Explosive Emanation of Christ Consciousness is beyond monumental because it is about Original Suns (as close as I can put it in terms we can understand) as the “first incarnation” of Source as Soul Emanations. Yes, that’s right. Suns as Soul Emanating Incarnations – meaning taking on a “form” out of “formlessness”.

It’s prevalent in our language among the esoteric spiritual leaders; the Central Sun, the Diamond Sun, the Galactic Suns, Suns of Suns of Suns…. You get the idea.

Take the next step, though, and contemplate what that means and the architecture behind the architecture, behind that architecture, behind that architecture, and further behind that architecture… There’s an omniversal web of universes all interconnected. Suns you might want to call them.

This explosion is literally these Sun Souls becoming coherent and exploding into our reality.

One of our Awesome Autists like Sammie took me on a journey last year through the 14th dimension and we came out in the omniversal plane. I saw nexus points like liquid/ether gold that interconnected the fabric of the ALL.

As we have now stepped into the next harmonic universe, the open Source Network of the ALL THAT IS, is quite literally penetrating every aspect of what makes form – macrocosmic to microcosmic.

Our Sun, even, is connected deeply through the sub-matrix levels to a lineage of Suns – Souls as Emanations; the RA lineage as some call them. As all is now opening and we are awakening to the truly Divine Nature of the Cosmos, God Creator is emanating a physical projection of the Christ Consciousness – this is Unity Intelligence, the Law of One, Unity Consciousness, the Trinitized Form, the True Organic Structure of DNA…

This Explosive Emanation of Christ Consciousness is VAST and MONUMENTALLY SIGNIFICANT. It is projecting into the deep layers of our very being. We, as a Planetary Humanity, will no longer be able to ignore who we truly are and that the lies and distortions that have kept us asleep can no longer be supported.

If this is mind bending and obtuse, then be in that space of ‘mind altering’ because like I said earlier, much of what we even believed this ascension to mean is breaking down.

May you each take what resonates for you in this moment with Grace and Ease.

--Susan Moon Oros in soul consciousness collaboration with Sammie

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