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The Pure Emanation of the Formless One

This blog is in honor of our Autists and their families for what each brings and for the loving embrace of the families that support them.

No words can adequately describe what is unfolding and continuing to explode into our universe. The intensity continues for Sammie. Some days it is so intense that she is hypersensitive to even a slight tug of her hair while brushing which can then explode into a tail spin of self-injurious behaviors. What a life, what a purpose she has… I remember whispers from angelic beings a few years ago… “She’s special but it’s not what you think”. I didn’t want to hear it at that time. There was no way that any of these beings could have explained to me what was about to unfold for all of us and how it was going to look. And now, with new eyes that can perceive so much more, I deeply honor Sammie and the other Autists for what they are doing and drawing to our universe just by being here.

I recall a few months ago that an insight came. As we have expand in consciousness, we become more refined. It’s like channels and connections open; thread like channels, you might say. These channels or light fibers of connections to Source expand our consciousness in the physical. As the cosmic waves have flooded in during this ascension process, expansion and new multidimensional perceptive awareness have become available to the human as these light fibers open. I was shown that Sammie has also expanded but since she was already very sensitive and refined in her connections, the new channels for her have become even more refined and minutely microcosmic. Even now, I feel my soul consciousness right in the heart saying, “Be aware that Samantha’s perception and experience of light, sound, texture, taste, and omnipresent being have undergone a big transformation”. I can’t even imagine that but I can experience some of what this means. We are all undergoing this process and it can be very challenging at times. And this intricately refined system, enables her to perceive and receive the more macrocosmically minute information streams (as is true for our other Autists).

Last week I wrote what I experienced coming through Sammie (and I know it came through many others on the planet to be able to anchor this) – the Sun Star Explosive Emanation of Christ Consciousness, I called it. Well, this week, there came another such exquisitely brilliant pure emanation. This one I could sense did not come as an EXPLOSION but was a radically brilliant PURE EMANATION is all I can call it, which still doesn’t come close to what it was and what it is now doing.

Sammie had a rough few days again. It was streaming through. Sammie and others like her are working from the farthest cosmic realms – again, for lack of better term. They are operating on a cosmic cycle and scale that is imperceptible to many of us.

Anyway, I can only describe the “after effects” as it filtered through the 14th dimension. I experienced it this past Monday afternoon from the radiance projected out of Sammie, which then filtered through me running down my head, throat, in my heart center where it sat and began to penetrate a depth. It felt like a sort of soul reunion and retrieval at the same time. And somehow it felt like Sammie’s true Soul – and perhaps it is our true Soul as well since we are an emanation of the One. I just wanted to lie there and bathe in it forever. Another brilliant star-like pattern with multi colored wave patterns to it, but it wasn’t just the perception of it that caught my attention, rather it was what I could sense from it. Although it had a starburst emanation to it, I felt that even before I could perceive it, it was truly Eminence. By this I mean it seemed to have no matrix or pattern associated with its origin. My intuitive sense has perceived an underlying pattern or geometric matrix to what I perceive or feel coming through at other times but this particular “Eminent Emanation” did not feel to have such a pattern. It truly felt and feels like Pure Emanation from Formlessness. And I became aware that the only reason it seemed to have a starburst “pattern” and a perception of color waves, is because it was coming through the 14th dimensional portal; like a lens you might say.

As this “wave” continued to move down the center of my body, I slowly began noticing how my physical body was “engaging” it. It was and is un-definable mostly but I can try and put some words to it. This is going to sound like synesthesia.

  • Tasting sounds of the various waves and harmonizing like a symphony on the different areas of the taste buds on the tongue.

  • Smelling a state of “vacuousness”

  • Air whooshing through an organ or other body parts

  • Hearing the humming of my intestines

  • Color waves of “blisstacy” (bliss+ecstacy) coursing through my brain.

If I went to a doctor with these “symptoms”, I would immediately be given psychotropic meds. And there were definitely times in the past when I thought I should be committed but I go through my “sanity checklist”.

  • Kids are all safe and accounted for. I know when each one is coming home.

  • I don’t forget appointments.

  • We still have money in the account.

  • I remember to make dinner.

  • I get up each morning and get my son off with a packed lunch and clean clothes.

  • I remember to shower.

  • I do my hair in the morning and put on some make up to look presentable to myself when I look in the mirror.

  • There’s food in the house.

  • Sammie is still in one piece and no scars even with her head banging.

  • I haven’t gotten into any car accidents, have had no speeding tickets, and haven’t run a red light.

Okay, I’m still sane according to my definition.

What does all this mean? After several years (as I’m sure many of you can relate) of trying to predict how or when this “shift” was going to take place –or when it will end so we can finally arrive, all I can say is, it’s happening. Let it unfold. Enjoy the ride. Trust in the core nature of your Soul Spirit.

What will come next? I have no idea. I watch Sammie and sense when the next wave has begun to stream in.

Many blessings to you all! And much honor to our fabulous Autist and differently abled population of beings on the planet! You have turned our lives upside down for a reason!!!

Susan Moon Oros

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