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The Wounding of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness

This is a message that was transmitted on 12/21/2018 in preparation for the 12/21/2018 live event later that evening. It describes why the Cosmic Christ Consciousness was created and what its ultimate mission is. The message is not intended to refer to any one religion on the earth at this time and does not make "truth" exclusive to any one religion or persons that have come through the earth to teach about our essential nature.

On December 1, 2018, we began 13 days of teachings and meditations from the 12 Galactic Suns. What these Autists described in this message is that the Wounding of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness has damaged our light bodies. Subsequent abuses of various forms in past, present, and future Soul expressions or "lives" has also damaged our light bodies. As each of the Galactic Suns and Its Laws are now engaging with our 12 dimensional light bodies, the healing of our light bodies is much more readily available.

The energy process we facilitated on the 12/21/18 live event was to engage the 12 Laws and we did an attunement to an archangel symbol, Zairyana, which would assist this process. If you missed the session, it will be available for downloadable purchase on our website. Here is the message that was read during the session:

Message from Sammie and Collective: The Wounding of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness

“Dear Human Family,

It is no accident that the Council of 12 is coming through as it is during this time of celebration by the western culture as the birth of Jesus. Jesus is represented to be the Christ Consciousness; a being to bring salvation. He was in fact bringing Christ Consciousness as it’s original intention which was to heal the fallen consciousness that began many, many, many eons ago – from your perspective trillions to quadrillions of years ago. We do not measure time as you do but this is just meant to be a reference of how ancient this is.

We have provided recent information to you that an omniversal event of the fall of consciousness was triggered when the “electric universe” collided with what was then the early precursor to the universe you exist within. And because of this event, many beings’ consciousness became fractured. Tara was a planet-like being that had the first human prototype on it to ‘experiment’ with a creational cycle and a 7th dimensional planet being was also there as a higher station to make modifications of this human design and this is what some are calling Tiamat. When the collision occurred, the genetic codes which are really geometric matrices, exploded out from both Tiamat and Tara. Tiamat and Tara stabilized around a Diamond Sun which was created to bring stability.

However, as we’ve described, because of the fractured nature of consciousness that some of these vast beings endured, they began to create other humanoid beings from the remnants of these genetic codes ; some were benevolent and some had consciousness that were too fractured to rehabilitate and as we closed off access points to Creator to contain this disaster, it became possible to create out of alignment with Source. The beings of the electric universe who had endured the cosmic cataclysm also began to create very powerful beings. Tiamat had especially powerful beings because we were from the original galactic suns and these fragments were used to birth very powerful beings some benevolent and some not so benevolent. The Pleiadians are actually descendants of Tiamat and this is why so many of us were able to incarnate as Pleiadians when we entered this universe to gradually work our way from what was your future to this present moment to assist with this monumental project. You have many more questions about this and we assure you more information will follow but we are leading you in stages so that you can engage the information at a physical level. We hope it is becoming clear to you now that you must be able to integrate this at a physical level to then heal yourself, humanity, and the many other beings this has affected.

Going back to this concept of Christ Consciousness. As was briefly described during the 13 days of information and meditations with the Galactic Suns, there was no concept of the Christ Consciousness when Tiamat and Tara were created because all was in constant communication and union with the God Source. We were creating with the Triwave because that was only ‘natural’. It was only after the fall of consciousness that a Cosmic Christ Consciousness was “needed”. The Lemurian human was created with the Triwave Trinity blueprint which is the essential organic basis for creating a form and structure that is in balance. This Lemurian human template was created in the Diamond Sun along with the Gaian consciousness and all the plants and animals to support this human to ascend or evolve to recover and reintegrate all those aspects of the DNA matrix that had been scattered until fully united with the Omniversal realms of ALL THAT IS.

The Cosmic Christ Consciousness is a massive collective of Emanations or Souls of the One Creator which was sent forth to heal the rifts. Unfortunately, the many fractured beings that continued to propagate took control at various levels. Some that were sent forth as Souls of the Cosmic Christ forgot their mission as they entered this density and others tortured and crucified as you know.

The idea of even Jeshua or Jesus’ death on the cross and the spilling of blood to atone to be allowed back into the arms of the God Source is a distortion and has wounded the unified field that is the Cosmic Christ Consciousness principle. You can see how the idea of a ‘savior’ was perhaps twisted and distorted from this mission of the Cosmic Christ but God Source does not ‘need’ any kind of blood spilled.

If you have followed the 13 days of meditations with the Galactic Suns, then you have a glimpse of what it means to be a Sacred Vessel as a Unified Field. The Council of Twelve as an Emanation of one of the first Souls was able to penetrate into your reality after the 11/11 opened the access point. As these ‘laws’ are replenishing the fields of matter/antimatter through your dimensionalized system, you are able to further recover and to heal your total unified field which ‘houses’ your physical body. You see, the wounding of the Cosmic Christ principle also damaged your Avatar Light Body. Most of humanity has also endured some type of abuse at various levels which has damaged their Avatar Light Bodies at various dimensional levels.

This is not new to you listening to this today but we wanted to give you an even deeper perspective of why you are here and also to impress upon you going forward why it is important to continue to discern and learn to protect your entire Avatar Light Body beyond the 7 dimensions or chakra system as you’ve been taught.

The 12th Dimension or Earth Star as you know it has been imprinted with the Taran consciousness to assist humanity to stay on course to where you as a collective are ‘going’. It is key for humanity to discern what is organic (meaning aligned to the Law of One mission and the Trinity Wave) and what is not. It has been discussed that a subuniversal “space” has been created for these fractured consciousness beings but many still are in control of your planet as you can see and are trying to lead humanity back to a biwave system that is parasitic in nature.

The meditation process today is to assist you in engaging the laws that are replenishing your dimensions and to help you heal the wounds of your Avatar Light Body. This is available to all; this process is meant to give you a ‘bigger picture’ of what’s happening and to make it as grace filled as possible.

It was Divine Planning and Divine Will that the Council of Twelve as an Emanation of Source is here during this western Christmas season but this year, see that the birth of Christ is you.”

Take only what resonates for you and compost the rest!

With love and honor,

Susan for Sammie and the Collective Autist Consciousness

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