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The Infinite Heart Expansion

This February has certainly been full of wondrous activity. In fact, the last several months or years has all been full of surprises. Great and joyful activations accompanied by deep sadness and releases as more and more of our ego is purged and memories of the past have risen and fresh insights brought to light. It may have felt as if we have been birthing ourselves over and over again.

In fact, perhaps this is the best way to look at it – a birthing and rebirthing as many layers of us as multidimensional beings are being integrated into our physical selves. Just when you think you’re done, there seems to be more. How far does this go and will it ever stop? I’m beginning to sense that perhaps this is the purpose of our lives – in this transitioning era, anyway, and for those of us on the pioneering path of stimulating a mass awakening – at least, this is what we’re hoping for, but that is another topic.

Today, I feel inspired at the end of this February 14, 2019 Valentine’s Day when I felt even greater openings of the heart and with it, even more aspects of my soul self coming in right into the heart center where the connection to our Soul Matrix really “begins” for lack of a better term. All I can say is that images came through of Divine Union with myself.

Sammie said this is happening to everyone if they can allow it, and with it, however, we’re shown where we’re out of alignment. It’s going to get harder when you’re experiencing ego emotions like blame, jealousy, superiority, inferiority, victim, guilt, shame, egoic power, entitlement… yes, even emotions of victim, guilt, inferiority are 3rd dimensional ego driven because it puts the self down and allows for the polarity consciousness to continue. In order to have a victimizer there must be a victim. In order for guilt to remain, there must be a blamer. To feel entitled, we allow the foundation of hoarding by a few to remain on the planet.

As the heart opens to its multidimensional nature as a Soul, which knows itself to be a Divine Emanation of God Source, it is and will continue to become uncomfortable to feel these emotions in our body. The good news is that it feels easier to course correct and modulate ourselves and how we interact with others if we’re awake enough to do so but on the flip side, it could make others (and perhaps us, me included) a bit more jumpy and reactive so don’t forget your breathing exercises.

The other aspect to consider in what feels like an infinite on-going heart expansion is that the Soul Matrix at the level of the heart, is opening more and more intricate layers. It’s like a mandala that is fractalizing and growing new and tinier refined petals. This is accessing our soul group and also the multidimensional aspects of us in other dimensions and timelines.

If we can imagine that we’ve been existing unaware that we actually were designed to be 12 dimensional Avatar Humans functioning as 7 dimensional humans, and really with primarily the lower 3 dimensional chakras as our ego identity, then it seems to make sense that as so many multidimensional portals have blown open, we’re being flooded with other identities of ourselves which is directly related to our Soul Matrix.

My inner guidance here is prompting me to put out the question, “Is the heart chakra, which is the 4th dimensional access gate, the same as the Soul Matrix?” And the answer emphatically is a “NO”. The heart chakra, as humanity has been functioning, has not been directly connecting to the Soul Matrix. In fact, all 7 of our body chakras had been functioning within a limited band width. Now, as we have entered a new space, so to speak, the chakra membranes are organically dissolving to allow us to evolve to be a “lighter and less dense” human. The light body is the body of the Soul/Spirit matrix and as the Soul Matrix is able to connect with the physical body, then it is rewiring us at the neurological level so that our neurology vibrates in alignment with our Soul mission. More on this another time as much more can be said about that

Galactic Sun 4 - The Law of the Trinitized Form


This enables us to really connect to the Soul Matrix at the heart level but the heart chakra as we’ve known it must dissolve and become resonant with the trinity wave where polarity is balanced. And so, we can see, hopefully, that this is a reason why polarity thought and emotional patterns are blatantly in our faces. This will assist humanity to break down foundations that are based on polarity. It is uncomfortable in the short run, meaning however many decades it will take for the breakdown, but it is needed for the long term rebuilding of our reality structures.

I hope this makes sense to you all. There’s obviously much more that can be said.

Peace be with you.

Until next time,


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