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"Change Into Your 5D Clothes"

From Sammie

“Hello People,

It’s me today as my 5D consciousness aspect. My Soul is connecting to the 5D layer where I can bleed my awareness to the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9thdimensional layers. This is something new that wasn’t available before. I know it doesn’t make sense to many of you and my mom as she’s writing this is not sure what it means. That’s not my message today.

Today, let me give you a simple exercise you can try and have fun with it because the 5D consciousness is lighter and more vibrant and richer in texture. Yes, texture. 3D was dense and harsh but 5D has more texture because it’s about sensory experiences where sound, tone, colors, tastes, feelings, sensations are vibrant and everything really feels more alive because everything is alive. All of you reading this know that rocks are not dead matter. If rocks could talk with a mouth they’d have a lot to say. (giggle)

I see and sense that many of you are having trouble reconciling the 3D dense artificial structures that you have to deal with out in the “real” world. My dad especially has to deal with all these densities to make life livable in this transition phase. It’s not easy, I feel. Layers and layers of nonsense built on nonsense. All your tax laws right now as tax season seems to be here. I don’t want to know about it but I see my dad’s head filled with numbers and forms that don’t make sense.

While you’re having to work through these densities of beliefs which makes some question if we’ve really arrived in 5D, try these exercises for 2 weeks. Give yourself 2 weeks and everyday; try one or more of these:

-When you’re getting dressed in the morning, say to yourself “I’m putting on my 5D clothes.” Repeat this phrase as you’re dressing.

-Put your shoes on and see that they have wings. One day maybe butterfly wings another day scrub jay wings, dragon fly wings… any kind of wings your imagination can conjure up. Imagine flittering out into your day. You might meet people who want to clip those wings and if they do, ask yourself how you can fix those wings.

-When you’re taking a bath or shower, imagine you’re washing off your 3D self. You can even say to yourself, “I’m washing off my 3D self to reveal my 5D self…” Keep repeating as you’re doing.

-When you get home, if you’ve had bad encounters out in the world, take your hands and brush yourself off saying, “I brush off 3D, I brush of 3D… and walk into my 5D home” keep it simple.

-Focus on your throat. It’s considered the 5thchakra here on earth but it connects to 5D. Imagine bringing through the 5D energies from your throat and blow it out into your home, or your clothes…

-Take deep breaths, “I breathe in 3D and breathe out 5D.

-Talk to your major organs. “Hi Liver, what does my 5D liver need? Hi Spleen, what does my 5D spleen need to revitalize my blood to 5D?”

-Grounding. So many of you like to say to be grounded but have you asked what you’re grounding to? You don’t want to ground to 3D belief structures because that’s what’s still there – morphing but many people are still hanging onto it for dear life. So ground to 5D earth. From tailbone and feet, connect to the 5D earth and say to yourself, “I’m here to co-create the 5D earth”.

Keep it is simple, people. The ascension is here. It’s done. We made it. Knowing it continues to water the new to grow.”

---Susan O. for Sammie

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