“We Are the Bridge”

Many years ago when Sammie was about 10 years old, I had come across titles of books about indigo and crystal children and that our autistics were here to help us navigate a very different earth. They said that the earth was going to be very different in the 2020's. I remember thinking that these were parents just trying to feel better about their kids. I was still focused on "fixing" my daughter. My awakening process began shortly after that and I've arrived at my current state of conscious awareness. It's been a roller coaster of a ride these last few years but I definitely feel an inner peace through the ups and downs that hadn't been there before. As those of you who have perused our blogs and website might see, I'm probably "way out there" in our writings but I just remain aligned to what my total body awareness is bringing through. I'm not here to convince anyone who doesn't sense the higher vibration that is the consciousness of autism. Each person has their journey and I have learned that respecting each person's process and power to discern is important. For those who are feeling the deep changes taking place, I can definitely say that "we are not in Kansas anymore" even if the outer world looks like it's going to pot! The old is disintegrating for the new to be co-created.

"We are the bridge between the old and the new", says Sammie to me energetically or telepathically, as some might call it. I prefer energetic because I feel the words with my whole being. When my field is open, I feel the inspiration that comes through. Sometimes I feel the words in the center of my head, other times I feel the energy coming through the back of my head, but most times, I feel with my whole being. Images come. Words appear. Phrases. It's a joined communication process and this is something that we are all capable of. This is more than extra sensory perception. This is multi sensory, multidimensional, and multimodal perception which our very sensitive autistic children have been born with. So, with this, I will put out to Sammie, what do you mean by "We are the bridge between the old and the new?"

"Multisensory perception is not the brain or the mind. It is not even what you call consciousness but for lack of a better term, we'll just call it 'consciousness'. It's the consciousness of Source to be with all of Its Creations; not just experience but BE the creation. This is more than being extensions of Source or being an aspect of Source. This is Being Creation. Knowing what you're creating, knowing the heart of another, being open to feel it all. The senses are the languages of Source to Be Creation.

This is very different than what humanity is used to. You are used to being closed because there has been so much to defend against. We, as the Autists, come in vulnerable to the world and this frightens the parents because others will take advantage of us. But this is the love of God; of Source. Bringing the defenses down opens the hearts of humanity to allow this evolution. It sparks the inner desire to open to ones soul.

Getting back to the senses being the languages of God... God speaks all the time. Not just sometimes b