"The Future is Here"


In this message from Sammie and other recent messages, I have noticed as I'm translating the energy, is that there is much more intention to keep the message simple and understandable. The messages that used to come in were more complex in language. I get the feeling that there is greater effort from our Autists of the 7 higher heavens to simplify as much as possible because in a sense, Source is calling to us all to return to the Grand State of Grace. Love as the field of Creation just permeates and radiates from them. There's a feeling that they are more present on this earth themselves. This blog is about simultaneous time and they are 'omnipresent', as Sammie is showing me right now, in this very almost tangible structure of simultaneous time. This blog is a joined consciousness message. I say that because some messages, Sammie dictates much more directly. This one is of a joined consciousness to bring the message in a 'user friendly' way.

Note the image above. The background layer, the spiral you might see, is one of the tremendous waves that came through from the 7 higher heavens in March 2019. If you're intrigued by what is meant by the '7 higher heavens', consider joining us for the Build Your Human Soul Vessel class beginning on August 26, 2019 where we give you an analogy of what the 7 higher heavens is.--Susan Oros

“Hello People

Today I want to talk to you about the future. The future to you means it’s something that hasn’t happened. You ask yourself things like, ‘What will happen to me? Does this mean I can predict the stock market? How do I manifest good health and abundance? What will happen to my autism child? When will I die? How will I die?’

I’m here to tell you that these questions are irrelevant in the grand picture.

You’re used to the nature of linear time where past, present, and future seem to progress in one direction. It has to do with how the vibrations available to you coalesce and collapse to manifest in your reality. In dense 3D reality, you manifested slowly because the energies ‘available’ to you vibrated slower. You had to plan, have goals, and keep plugging away to manifest your dreams. But have you noticed that really only a few seem to achieve what you’ve defined to be magnificent fame and fortune and that these people are then put up as role models while the rest who may work just as hard have challenging lives and seem to live with broken dreams? The artificial and limited program you have lived in only allowed for a few to succeed in material ways as you’re used to defining success.

This is not the kind of future I’m talking about. There is a new structure of time that is coming on line. This is simultaneous time and it has to do with being able to access the multidimensional realms in which the time cycle is an upward spiral. The first, second, and third dimensions no longer exist in the way you have been accustomed. Many are still operating as if it’s the same and the harder people try to operate as if it’s status quo, the harder it will be. Mental and emotional breakdowns on a global scale is underway. Those in control are trying to take you back to how things were. It’s still important to practice neutral witnessing and only get involved if it seems to be your soul’s calling. Conserve your consciousness and energy to manifest the new.

Back to the topic of simultaneous time…since 1D, 2D, and 3D is no longer the same, all the other dimensions are reorganizing and reconfiguring. Since the vibrations within each dimension is what enables you to manifest, the higher the dimension, the faster the vibrations, and things manifest faster. I once told my mom that dimensions are like the toolboxes that Creator uses. It’s one of our earlier blogs. Since 1D, 2D, and 3D are in a higher harmonic, or faster vibrations, it feels like time is going faster because things are manifesting quicker. The dimensionalized system which makes up your reality and your body is changing. This means the underlying architecture is changing and it’s changing drastically.

This was done and is underway to free humanity from the dense 3D rules that made it very challenging for you to continue your ascension process.

The grounding and anchoring mechanism is changing and your intentions are paramount going forward.

I don’t want this to be a confusing message. An important part of this simultaneous time I’m talking about here is that 1) it has an energetic structure and anchor points where your soul as earthly expressions exist in past, present, and future, and 2) you can align to your future expressions to keep you on track on your soul journey.

The essence of this is that the future is here because you are also experiencing yourself, as a Soul Expression, in those higher vibrational realms.

This aspect or nature of dimensions as simultaneous time is being anchored as an energetic architectural structure for the continued ascension of humanity.

Some of you will wonder and ask yourself, “Does this mean I have no free will?” Well, you still have free will but free will is not how it has been defined in the state you have been.

Humanity has played with the polarized nature of free will in this last epoch. Free will does not mean you have the right to do whatever you want if it does not affect someone else. The problem with the closed system you’ve lived in is that you could not see the full impact of what was to come even with seemingly innocent choices.

In order for the nature of simultaneous time to work for you and with you, you must align to the essence of your soul and the expressions it has in the various dimensions of this alpha and omega cycle. The alpha and omega cycle in a sense is set by Source and this alpha and omega cycle is to evolve the 12D Avatar human to its full potential as a universal being navigating the universe in alignment with the Law of One. This is within an open system. You will have access to an infinite array of vibrations – once humanity clears its collective distortions and you can be responsible co-creators.

The innate knowing as a Soul Expression should tell you that this actually takes a great deal of inner self regulation and contemplation. Responsible co-creation has not necessarily been the norm here on planet earth and there continue to be violations of natural law and the Law of One.

The future of the earth is here. In a sense, you have already completed the many soul missions you chose to embark upon. Currently, you are undergoing a phase of clearing, disintegrating, dissolving, dismantling, and general breakdown as a planetary collective. I can tell you, however, that humanity gets through this and that by the year 2500 A.D., humanity has eradicated disease and this is in large part due to the energy healing modalities. Once toxins and poisons are stopped, the natural clean up that the earth, with the mineral and plant kingdom, can undertake can be swift. Many new microcosmic spirits are being birthed onto the earth to assist in this process.

The kind of disease you experience as mind, body, and spirit does not have to be experienced as soul beings. The Human Avatar is a truly grand being and has inner sentience to regulate and co-create in alignment with the Law of One. This is not limitation because, you see, the infinite stream