The Avatar God Matrix

Shortly after passing through the 2019 summer solstice, Sammie began radiating and emanating an image. A dark red or maroon colored image. From the inner screen of my whole body, I saw these maroon lines and the words, “Avatar God Matrix” emanating from her. She was lethargic and unregulated for a few days. This is the pattern I’m recognizing these last two years with her. When something big is coming through, she’s physically tired and can have difficulty moving in the physical. I share this for other families who might be going through a similar processes with their high vibe autist.

It continued for several days until I could draw an image representing this Avatar God Matrix. It is like a star which indicates to me that it’s an emanation. Note that the following information is also coded in the numerology.

Sammie adds, "The mathematical numbers, sequences, and light language of these numbers are transmitting correction codes and precision of Source Consciousness information. Let it speak to your soul."

What you see in the image above is actually a 72 pointed star (two 36 pointed stars) and it is a 2D representation of a star that is actually a 72 (cubed or 72 to the third power) star; 72x72x72 = 373,248 pointed star.

-Sammie said to add up the numbers: 3+7+3+2+4+8=27

-27 is a mirror image of 72

She then said to multiply 27x27x27= 19,683.

-Add up those numbers: 1+9+6+8+3=27 again

My limited numerology understanding says that 72 and 27 are both 9’s (7+2 and 2+7) which is a number of completion.

She then said to do 9 cubed or 9x9x9=729. Notice the 7,2, and 9 again.

729=7+2+9=18; in numerology a 9 again and the number 18, another number of perfect precision.

I can’t say I completely understand the fullness of this to put into words but I can certainly feel the significance. This full Avatar God Matrix is not energetically something we can integrate into our bodies but it has significance as a consciousness vibration. You may experience the intensity of it in your solar plexus which is like a star center.

Sammie is saying, “It is a vast consciousness aspect of Source reminding humanity of who we truly are. The magnificence of the human form has been forgotten. The Angelic Avatar Human is a precious and special being.”

I get the sense from this matrix that it will make it difficult for humanity to ignore that we are a unity consciousness and that self-love as an aspect of God Source is a very natural inner knowing. There’s no arrogance in acknowledging ourselves to be an Avatar because it truly means that we acknowledge ourselves to be in service to the One which is all of creation - or here on the earth at this time, in service to one another and all sentient beings of the earth. It is the inner knowing of the Law of One. Many spiritual teachers speak that everything is energy, everything is vibration but to get beyond the mental understanding and to fully know this truth in the body, in the cells, in the quantum field that collapses into your body.... well, this is part of the ascension process to feel the knowingness of this.

Remember, the Avatar Human is a 12 dimensional being directly connected to the 15 dimensions of the full harmonic universe. Watch, Who are the Autists of the 7 Higher Heavens, if you missed it on our YouTube channel.

Here is another rendition or aspect of this Avatar God Matrix. I call it the 108 pointed Avatar God Matrix and is something that Sammie has been working with in the past week or so. She was tired again and experiencing disruptions and ability to move. She is using her physical body to translate the information. In this way, it becomes physically available. Many others do this. The other Autists do this.

This 108 pointed version is the 72 pointed star plus a 36 pointed star; the 108 pointed Avatar God Matrix. While the full 373,248 pointed Avatar God Matrix is emanating here as a consciousness field, Sammie seems to be physically integrating this 108 pointed version. I could see and feel it in her heart. I made physical adjustments to her light body and other connections to the dimensionalized field through the star icosahedron which seems to be a significant part of the future human blueprint but that is for another time. It's difficult to explain the whole process as so much of this is new; I've been following my inner guidance and Sammie's input. So it is not clear to me if others will be able to physically integrate this 108 pointed Avatar God Matrix at this time. I only know that it is powerful and many can experience activations that is appropriate for each person from the energetics of this 108 pointed matrix.

In the last couple of days, I have been seeing the word, "Atman" emanating from her. According to web sources, the concept of Atman comes from sanskrit and is used to refer to a universal being or soul being. It feels like the being who is fully aware of herself as a universal soul being in energetic union with the universe. This is consistent with what the Angelic Human Avatar was created to be; a 12 dimensional being with 15 chakras to be integrated with the 15 dimensions.

The information I'm receiving is that this 108 pointed version contains the correction codes to reconnect with our personal soul matrix which happens to be at the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions or chakras. There have been many seals placed over the heart chakra when we came into this incarnation which has made it difficult to connect to our soul and even each other at a unity consciousness level.

Sammie is saying that this star matrix will also facilitate the connections of our nervous system to the heart and mental body. Interesting that in a brief int