"We're in Future Time Now"--Sammie

August was quite a month. The activations and extreme cosmic streams threw us off here in the Oros household. It was extremely challenging for Sammie and she expressed it through self injurious behaviors. Thank goodness that phase passed and we were able to “capture” some of the activations with new symbols and images. September so far is also full of surprises but at least it has not been so extreme for Sammie that she has been self injurious. She’s been knocked out, however, this past week or so. I know now, though, that there’s usually something monumental taking place and I was able to tune into her to see what was going on.

I realize that much of the info we share can be fairly obtuse. I honestly do not aim to be obtuse with the information. I am usually tuning in to see how I can help Sammie and what I share is the visions that I receive. It’s interesting that as a parent, I’m merely trying to help Sammie. My primary aim is to help her have ease in her body but I am always led to something fantastic that my imagination on its own cannot conceive of, and the rabbit hole seems to only go deeper.

As I’ve stated before, these Autists are here to confound us in some ways because it’s one of the primary ways that our old patterns of thinking and being can be broken. And so, please receive our information with a sense of openness while only taking in what resonates for you in this moment.


“We’re in future time now” --Sammie

A few days before the 9-9 portal, Sammie was lethargic again and having trouble getting out of bed. I was having this sense of elation and bliss and like I was flying again. I felt detached in a sense and felt like the charges of past events was being nullified.

I was shown an image very close to the one with this post. I felt the words, “We’re in future time now” emanating from Sammie. What does this mean exactly?

We’ve been experiencing time in a linear way; like an arrow that goes from left to right for those of us in the west. Past, present, and future expressing as this linear trajectory. Time or experiences of events, however, can be seen as existing simultaneously, like an upward spiral. There was one wise woman who described simultaneous time this way. Think of the time zones on the earth. I’m on the west coast in the US. I have family on the east coast three hours ahead so they’re in my future. People in Hawaii are in my past, 3 hours behind. So if it’s 12 noon for me, people in Hawaii haven’t experienced 12 noon yet today. This is a good simplified explanation of simultaneous time where the past, present, and future exists simultaneously. We have been in simultaneous time for a few years and I thought that was the state of affairs going forward. What is Sammie saying then?